THE2NDHAND #22 Release Event

Nov ’06
12:00 am

THE2NDHAND #22 Release EventFriday, November 10th, 7:00 PM
THE2NDHAND #22 brings Louisville to Chicago with another in Mickey Hess\’s textual sampling series. The story here integrates the journeys of George Rogers Clark, founder of Louisville and brother to the Clark of Lewis & Clark fame, who famously turned down the commission to explore the west in favor of settling in the Ohio river\’s jewel. This crew is all-Louisville, all the time, though we welcome them. Featuring readings from Jason Jordan, Mickey Hess, Jessica Elliott, Mike Smith and Al Burian (not form Louisville).
Jason Jordan is a Louisville-area native and frequent contributor to THE2NDHAND. He is the author of the Powering the Devil\’s Circus, a collection of shorts.
Mickey Hess is THE2NDHAND\’s FAQ editor and and author of the autobiographical novel Big Wheel at the Cracker Factory, the experimental collection One Thousand Pound Locket, and a new two-story offering, Someone Has Plagiarized Faulkner. He recently relocated from Louisville to Lawrenceville, New Jersey, where he\’s on the faculty of Rider University. He also edited Greenwood Press\’s forthcoming Icons of Hip-Hop.
Jessica Elliott is a freelance writer and a student at Indiana University Southeast, where she is editor of the Undergraduate Research Journal and associate editor of the IUS Review. Her fiction has appeared in the THE2NDHAND.
Mike Smith is the author of Tell Christian I\’m Sorry and a contributor to THE2NDHAND.
Al Burian is a musican, writer, and zine maker (Burn Collector).