Zine Club Chicago Online: Talkin’ Turkeys Edition

7:30 pm


Zine Club Chicago Online:
Talkin’ Turkeys Edition
Tues, Nov 23rd, 7:30pm CT on Zoom

This month, we’re going to be talkin’ turkeys … not the Butterball variety, but the type that gets cooked up by artists, writers, and makers. We’re inviting you all to share your own creative endeavors — bunglesome zines, clunky poetry, inconsequential comics, not-so-persuasive essays, visual art that missed the mark, overwrought teenage journal entries, etc. — that make you laugh when you recall them now. Let’s take a fun, lighthearted look at some of the less-than-perfect stuff we’ve created as we’ve explored our chosen art forms!

Grab your not-so-fine feathered endeavors, BYO(S)nacks, and join us on Zoom for Zine Club Chicago Online: Talkin’ Turkeys Edition!

** RSVP required ** We want to make sure that our online Zine Club events are a safe space, so we won’t be releasing the Zoom link publicly. If you’d like to attend, please email zineclubchicago@gmail.com to RSVP by 9 p.m. CST Monday, November 22. We’ll email you the Zoom link by 11 p.m. that evening.

Zine newbies and longtime enthusiasts alike are always welcome at Zine Club Chicago, the city’s only book club-style event for people who read zines. This free monthly series is produced by Chicago Zine Fest/Midwest Perzine Fest organizer Cynthia E. Hanifin and sponsored by Quimby’s Bookstore. Anna Jo Beck designs Zine Club Chicago’s monthly flyers, created the ZCC logo, and also made this awesome Zine Club Shoutout database of zines people talk about at Zine Club!

More info: event link at Facebook +  @zineclubchicago on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.