Gay Genius!

Hungry for more awesome queer comics in the world?
Yeah, me too- and it just so happens that Sparkplug Comics and Annie Murphy are putting together a thrizzling new anthology called Gay Genius. Featuring work by known homosexuals like Silky Shoemaker, Kubby Bear, Ellery Russian, Mat Defiler, Elisha Lim, Sailor Holladay, Annie Murphy, Clio Reese Sady, Sarah Sass Biscarra, Adee Roberson, Matt Runkle, Lee Relvas, Royal Newbold, Jackie Davis, and, uh, me. It’s going to be luscious – full color, over 120 pages, jam-packed, and hella, hella GAY, girl. To help birth it, it’s up on Kickstarter. They’ve got 25 days to raise a little over $1000 so I’m sure you know what to do now: help a homo out!