New Stuff This Week


Busting a Cap in Nina Gordons Ass: A Play in Three Acts, with Dialogue Courtesy of the Internet Commenting Community by Anne Elizabeth Moore $2.50

Zine World: A Readers Guide to the Underground #28 $4.00

Syndicate Product #15 by AV Michel $3.00

Imperfect Sutures by Sally Alatalo & Anne Wilson (Sara Ranchhoue Publishing) $15.00

Lady Fallopia win 09 10 $3.00 – Thank the goddess! This doula-duo dips into women’s health and takes it there. Where? You know, that magical, frank and down and dirty womyn’s health place where the zine actually has a color centerfold/recipe/how-to about cooking and preserving your placenta and an article about using your breast milk to help cure infections in your friends and loved ones. Don’t squirm, it’s just natural, baby!

Mayhem Books & Magazines


Lucha Loco: Free Wrestlers of Mexico by Venville Malcolm (Universe) $24.95 – I should liken this impressive and beautiful photo book of Mexican wrestlers to the that book Fruits about outrageous Japanese street clothes. Both books have the relevatory effect that not only have all the good ideas for fashions been taken, they’ve also been realized to their fullest. Back to the lab.

Sovereign #9 Mar 10 $3.95

Skeptic vol 15 #3 $6.95

Namaste vol 11 #3 $9.99

Skeptical Inquirer Mar Apr 10 vol 34 #2 $4.95

American Gun Culture Report #5 Win Spr 10 $6.00

The Poisoners Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine In the Jazz Age New York (Penguin) $25.95

Graphic Novels/Comics/Comix

Unlovable vol 2 HC by Esther Pearl Watson (Fantagraphics) $22.99

Between Here and Here by Brendan Monroe $5.00

Kind Aroo vol 1 HC by Jack Kent (IDW) $39.99

Bart Simpson Comics #52 $2.99

Fucking Pancakes

I’d Sure Like Some Fucking Pancakes by Lauren Barnett $2.00 – Lauren’s got some worries on her mind so the least you could do is make the gawddamned pancakes and let her concentrate on drawing her cute and funny comics. You make the best pancakes anyway.

World War 3 Illustrated #40 What We Want $5.00

Bebopman by Harvey Pekar, Tony Lavorgna and Lois Gilbery, art by Art by Gary Dumm $10.95

What Have You Been Up To by Kiana T & Paddy Puke $1.50 – A Snakepit-inspired diary mini-comic just stopped by Quimby’s and wants to know if it can crash on your coffee table tonight?

2 Books by Shaun Tan, both $19.99 each: Tales from Outer Suburbia and Arrival (both published by Scholastic) .

Secret Asian Man The Daily Days a Collection of Daily Comic Strips by Tak Toyoshima $20.00

Fiction, Poetry & Chap Books

Everything is Everything by Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz (Write Bloody) $15.00 – Don’t miss her here with former employee Shappy on 3/1/10, 7pm!

Book of Badius: A New Beginning to an Old Endings by Nathanel Washup $12.25

War of The Crown #1: Demon King William Lockett $15.00

Watcher Poems by Agnes Eva Savich $14.95

I Like To Keep My Troubles On The Windy Side of Things by Buzz Pool $10.00

Toucan #5 Valentines Day by Liz Baudler and Laura Rynberg $3.00

Art books

Nazi Knife #6 $27.00 – What would possess you to call your fashion-forward art book “Nazi Knife”? Being French is really no excuse. Despite that title feeling really unconsidered and trite, this book is actually an interesting collage and drawing anthology of cover-to-cover attractive garbage and mind compost AND nowhere on or in it does it actually say “Nazi Knife” so you could just refer to it as “that book with the really stupid name.” Sheesh.

Here Are My Instructions by Redell Olsen & Johanknecht (Sara Ranchhoue Publishing) $15.00

Art Mags

Creative Review Feb 10 $14.99

Gup #23 $7.99

Rojo Ever Chaos Continuum $29.00

Black Flash vol 27 #2 win 10 $8.00

HotShoe Feb Mar 10 $9.50

Lifestyles and Culture Mags

Skateboarder Apr 10 vol 19 #8 $4.99

Skunk vol 5 #8 $5.99

Skateboard Mag #73 $3.99

Travel Naturally #74 $9.95

Politics and Reolution Books/Mags/Zines

GLQ vol 16 #1-2 Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 2010 $12.00

Bitch #46 $5.95

Show Me the Money #31 $2.50

Race & Class vol 51 #3 $18.00

In These Times Mar 10 $3.50

New International #12, the Magazine of Marxist Politics and Theory Capitalisms. This issue: The Long Hot Winter Has Begun $16.00

Class Struggle #65 Feb Mar 10 $3.00

Music zines /magazines and Books

Maximumrocknroll #322 Mar 10 $4.00

Brutarian #54 $4.95

Fader #66 Feb Mar 10 $5.99


Celestial Navigations Short Films of Al Jarnow by various (Numero Group) $30.00 – Wow! Understated might be a good word for the amazing experimental animated films of Al Jarnow. His work brought everyday objects to life in unexpected ways and is probably best recognized in his memorable interludes for Sesame Street and 3-2-1 Contact. Combining a whole bevy of animation techniques, these films are smart and poignant- you’re as likely to learn about counting to 9 as you are about the waxing and waning of civilization. Numero Group continues their tradition of excellence with this attractively packaged look through Jarnow’s ouvre and includes a book and documentary focused on his storyboarding and technique. *DVD includes 45 of Jarnow’s films and a 30 minute documentary and comes with a 60-page perfect bound booklet.

Sexy Stuff

Obedient One Shitagariya by Yutakamaru Kagura $19.95