New Stuff This Week

One of our customers is trying to grow his own crop circle from a kit he bought here. Wish Gordon Meyer luck!


Here is new stuff for the week of 9/12/09-9/19/09:

McSweeneys #32 $24.00

Monologuist by Anders Nilsen $10.95 – Ooo la la! Comics and postcards! Hand-packaged.

Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters by Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters (Quirk)$12.95

Juxtapoz #105 Oct 09 $5.99

This Is a Comic Book August 1-22 2009 $8.50 – This is a show catalog from a cool exhibit at the Mahan Gallery.

Independents: A Guide For the Creative Spirit DVD $24.99 – Indie comics peoples! This is a neato thingy.

N Plus 1 #8 Fall 09 Recessional $13.95

You Dont Get There From Here #12 by Carrie McNinch $2.00 – Reliably high quality comix from the artist behind The Assassin and the Whiner.

After Hours #19 Sum 09 $8.00 – Local literary journal.

Miranda #19 $2.00

The Comedians Sep 09 $4.50

Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens #9 $7.00

Fast Geek Reader by Charly Fasano $10.00

No More Bummers #4 $3.00

The First Line vol 11 #3 $3.00 – The little literary journal that could — still going strong! Every issue contains stories that all start with the same first line.

Watch the Closing Doors #48 $2.50 – Hip hip hooray for commuter zines!

Make #8 Sum Fall 09 $10.00 – Chicago-based lit journal.

Hot Type 30 Sheets of Typo Graphic Fabric Transfers by Macfadden and Thorpe (Chronicle) $12.95

One Hundred Years of Menswear, ed. by Cally Blackman (Laurence King) $40.00 – These are some slick fashion photos, ladies.

Graffiti New York by Eric DEAL CIA Felisbret (Abrams) $35.00

Dreaded Feast: Writers On Enduring The Holidays, ed. by Michelle Clarke and Taylor Pimpton (Abrams) $15.95

Spirit Animals: Unlocking the Secrets of Our Animal Companions, ed. by Stefanie Iris Weiss (Chronicle) $14.95 – With illustrations from such artists as Clare Rojas, Kyle Field, and more!

Map As Art Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography by Katherine Harmon (Princeton) $45.00

Ultraviolet: 69 Blackout Posters From the Aquarian Age and Beyond, ed. Dan Donahue (Abrams) $22.50 – To glow in the dark while you get your Led on.

How to Be Inappropriate by Daniel Nestor (Soft Skull) $14.95 – Hilarious experimental fiction and non-fiction. Well, er, let’s just put it this way (for example): he reimagines the Terry Gross interview with Gene Simmons on Fresh Air as being with a robot Gene Simmons.

Special Forces: Gay Military Erotica by Phillip MacKenzie (Cleis) $14.95

Sweetest Kiss: Ravishing Vampire Collection by DL King (Cleis) $15.95

Alcoholic by Jonathan Ames (Vertigo) $14.99 – Now in soft cover.

Johnny Boo and the Happy Angels by James Kochalka (Top Shelf) $9.95

Black Sabbatical by Brett Eugene Ralph (Sarabande) $14.95

Last Time As We Are by Taylor Mali (WriteBloody) $22.00

Adbusters #86 $8.95

Conspiracy Journal #28 $3.00

Treating Yourself #18 $7.99

Earwigs Tail: A Modern Bestiary of Multi-Legged Legends by May R. Berenbaum (Harvard University Press) $23.95

New Literary History of America, ed. by Greil Marcus and Werner Sollors (Belknap Press) $49.95

Endless Summer Print, drawn by Eamon Espey (Secret Acres) $10.00

Pop and Modern Petit Pattern Book (Bug News Network) $38.00 – Coolest clip art ever! In fact, we got a bunch in from this publisher and it blows away that Dover crap!

Long Tail Kitty by Lark Pien (Blue Apple) $14.99 – Goin’ toe to toe for the cuteness title right up there with Jeffrey Brown’s cat drawings. We used to have Lark Pien’s mini comix years ago, and now here’s a collection with some full color awesomeness.

25000 Years Of Erotic Freedom by Alan Moore (Abrams) $22.50 – A history of erotic art as surveyed by the author of Watchmen and Lost Girls.

Shoplifting From American Apparel by Tao Lin (Melville House) $13.00

Talking Lines: The Graphic Stories of RO Blechman (Drawn & Quarterly) $29.95

Best American Nonrequired Reading 2009, ed. by Dave Eggers (Mariner) $14.00

Off the Bus And On the Record 22 Candid Interviews By the Teen Journalists of the Rock Star Stories by various teenage reporters (Zest) $18.95

I’m One 21st Century Mods by Horst A. Friedrichs (Prestel) $35.00 – Photos of mods.

Illusive Contemporary Illustration Part III (Die Gestalten Verlag) $65.00 – We only got one, so race here to get it!

Naive: Modernism and Folklore In Contemporary Graphic Design (Die Gestalten Verlag) $50.00

We Make Magazines: Inside the Independents by Andrew Losowsky (Mike Koedinger) $50.00