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New Stuff This Week


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Can’t get enough of this insane new book we just got in yesterday: American Advertising Cookbooks: How Corporations Taught Us To Love Bananas, Spam®, and Jell-O® by Christina Ward (Process) $22.95 – Loaded with full-color images, Ward pulls recipes and images from her vast collection of cookbooks and a wide swath of historical advertisements to show the influence of corporations on our food trends. Though easy to mock, once you learn the true history, you will never look at Jell-O the same way again! Don’t miss Christina Ward here at Quimby’s to DISH about this crazy book (and serve Kraut Kake!) on Friday, March 1st at 7pm. More info at quimbys.com #AmericanAdvertisingCookbooks #Process #FeralHouse #ChristinaWard #storeevent #food #GrossFoodAdvertising #PimentoJelloWTF #AreYouReallyGonnaEatThat #SPAMSPAMSPAM #Quimbys #QuimbysBookstore #QuimbysBookstoreChicago

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American Advertising Cookbooks: How Corporations Taught Us To Love Bananas, Spam®, and Jell-O® by Christina Ward (Process) $22.95 – Loaded with full-color images, Ward pulls recipes and images from her vast collection of cookbooks and a wide swath of historical advertisements to show the influence of corporations on our food trends. Though easy to mock, once you learn the true history, you will never look at Jell-O the same way again! Don’t miss Christina Ward here at Quimby’s to DISH about this crazy book (and serve Kraut Kake!) on Friday, March 1st!


Woke Parenting #2-#4 by Faith G. Harper $5 each

Proud to be Retarded #2 Autistic Pride In a Neurophobic World: The Suicide Issue by Joe Biel & friends $5

Understanding and Surviving Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – A Real Story by Marie Kube $9

Chain Reaction by J Gattis $2

Comics & Minis

That Night by Tony Breed $6

Lover by Huunly $5

Infinite Wheat Paste #7 by Pidge $5

Nothing Matters by J Bladder $4

Linus Shrub Is a Regular Guy $3

Underworld Adventure #0 Treasure Vault of Mago the Magnificent $5

Graphic Novels

Hobo Mom by Charles Forsman & Max De Radiguès (Fantagraphics) $14.99

Have Fun Leave Me Out of It – Muddlers Beat vol 2 by Tony Breed $12

Baby Let’s Cruise by Jasjyot Singh Hans $20

The Sea by Rikke Villadsen (Fantagraphics) $19.99

Art & Design

Japanese Tattoos: Meanings, Shapes and Motifs by Yori Moriarty (Promopress) $29.95

Politics, Revolution & Current Events Books

Keywords: The New Language of Capitalism by John Patrick Leary (Haymarket) $16

How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt $15

Marxists in the Face of Fascism: Writings by Marxists on Fascism from the Inter-War Period edited by David Beetham (Haymarket) $21.95

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff $18 – New soft cover edition includes new afterword.


Womanish: A Grown Black Woman Speaks on Love and Life by Kim McLarin $16.95

Music Books

Metaphysical Graffiti: Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Meaning of Life by Seth Kaufman (OR Books) $17.95

Local Interest

Dugan’s Bistro and the Legend of the Bearded Lady by Owen Keehnen $17


Welcome to Dystopia: 45 Visions of What Lies Ahead edited by Gordon Van Gelder (OR Books) $18.95 – Brutality, infrastructure collapse, daily threats of war: 45 writers of speculative fiction share their visions of what’s to come.

Big Bang by David Bowman $32

Hark by Sam Lipsyte $27

Phone by Will Self $18

The Afterlives by Thomas Pierce $16

McGlue: A Novella by Ottessa Moshfegh $15

Outer Limits

Reimagining Death: Stories and Practical Wisdom for Home Funerals and Green Burials by Lucinda Herring $21.95


The Baffler #43 $14

Maximumrocknroll #428 and #427 $4.99 (Yes, both issues in one)

Make Muse #1 $16.50

Tattoo Energy #116 $9.99

Shindig #86 $13.99

Zoetrope All Story Win 2019 $10 – Guest Editor David Lynch

Poetry & Chap Books

Duppies by D.S. Marriott (AK Press/Commune Editions) $18

Hearingaid by Jon Dambacher $10

Lover by JLK $16

The Last Line #5 Winter 2018 $3

The First Line vol 20 #4 Winter 2018 $4


Math Magazine #6 $18

Elska #21 Seoul Korea $18.50

Other Stuff

Furrawn Day Planner 2019 $20

New Stuff This Week

On Being Read Issue #2 by edited by Gabrielle Walsh $10 – Artistic responses to how one is read in gender, edited by Gabrielle Walsh, with work by Gabe Howell, Caroline Cash, Rosie Accola and more. Essays, illustration, poetry — many expressions running the continuum of feeling not outwardly “queer enough” to quieting the anxiety of ostracism for being “too queer.” -LM


We Let Our Battles Choose Us by Ed Blair $3

Dos and the Don’ts of Supporting Survivors by Leah Short $5

Riot Grrrl Press Coloring Book Zine Version by Julie Ruin $3

Graphic Novels

Ink & Anguish: A Jay Lynch Anthology with Ed Piskor and Patrick Rosenkranz (Fantagraphics) $39.99

The Secret Voice vol 1 by Zack Soto (Floating World Comics) $24.95


Perfect Worlds Artistic Forms and Social Imaginations vol by Michael Workman $15


Broken Pencil #82 $7.95

Chap Books & Fiction

The Transition: A Novel by Luke Kennard $18

Jesus Crawdad Death by Betsy Phillips (Third Man Books) $10 – Third publication in TMB limited ed chap book series, this one featuring speculative fiction stories.

Pretend I’m Dead: A Novel by Jen Beagin $16

New Stuff This Week

Cinema Sewer #31 by Robin Bougie $6 – All the best cult cinema reporting, movie reviews, and interviews. And just as with every other issue, it’s got a focus on the strange, the sleazy, and the cinematically sinful.


Reglar Wiglar #25 by Chris Auman $6

Do I Know Where Hell Is Hell In Hello $6

zines from Burn All Books: Maiden and the Mole by Laurie Piña $10, History of the Devil In Art by Avia Rose $5 & more.

Distributor by Robin Borre $5

Weenie Mag #5 $2

Under 21 #1 by Julie Hermann $7

Acupressure for Transforming Worry and Self Doubt by Perfect Wave $5

Homocats zines by J Morrison, various issues $8-$12


From kuš!:
Š! Baltic Comics Magazine #33 Misery $12
Mini kuš!, $5 each: #71 Doghair by Ganmu, #72 Beyond a Cure by Fenta, #73 Special K by Inkee Wang, #74 UNIQLO Superman by Yan Cong

Love Songs by Nathan Cowdry $10

Comics by Seamus O. Hames: Beavers $10, Worm $5

Detainees by Colin Ryono and Mike Skrzynski $8

Graphic Novels

In Christ There Is No East or West by Mike Taylor (Fantagraphics Underground) $25

Politics & Revolution Books

Breathing: Chaos and Poetry by Franco Bifo Berardi $13.95


She Shreds #16 $10

Skeptic vol 23 #4 $6.95

In These Times Jan 19 $4.95

Dazed and Confused Win 18 $13.20

Dollhouse #1 $12

Internationalist #54 $1

Puss Puss #8 $16.50

Chap Books & Lit Journals

Milwaukee Ave by Kevin Coval and Langston Allston (Haymarket) $12

Ninth Letter vol 15 #2 $14.95

BGMPDG #2 $10


Bad With Money: The Imperfect Art of Getting Your Financial Shit Together by Gaby Dunn $16

Hex Your Ex: And 100+ Other Spells to Right Wrongs and Banish Bad Luck for Good $13.99


Robotics Through Science Fiction: Artificial Intelligence Explained Through Six Classic Robot Short Stories, editor Robin R. Murphy (MIT Press) $25

Local Interest

Lost Restaurants of Chicago by Greg Borzo $23.99


New Stuff This Week


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LUCIFER’S LEXICON: EXPANDED & REVISED by L.A. Rollins; Introduction by MRDA (Nine-Banded Books | Underworld Amusements) $15 -Inspired by Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary, L.A. Rollins first unsheathed his lexicographer’s lance in the pages of marginal political periodicals during the mid-1980s. At a time when objectivist orthodoxy and Cold War political theater dominated libertarian discourse, Rollins’ distinctive brand of irreverent irony stood out. He skewered shibboleths and dethroned dogmas from all quarters, and his trenchant jeu de mots made a lasting impression in the minds of many readers. In 1987, Loompanics Unlimited released the first edition of Lucifer’s Lexicon, a freewheeling compilation of Rollins’ satirical definitions – including content deemed too inflammatory for less adventurous publishers. Though the book would become a cult classic, Rollins’ contrarian take on certain closely guarded historical and religious taboos chafed the sensibilities of some gatekeepers. Following its release, Rollins – who had previously courted controversy for his incisive critique of natural rights theory – was marked a pariah. The present edition is the first in a series of portable paperbacks being published by Nine-Banded Books and Underworld Amusements to chronicle the work of L.A. Rollins. With slight revision, it incorporates the “canonical” Loompanics text, now extensively supplemented to include never-before-published material that Rollins produced until his death in 2015. It is presented with a new introduction by Attack the System editor, MRDA, and a publisher’s preface. Laced with caustic wit, nimble wordplay, and surefooted erudition, Lucifer’s Lexicon stands as a testament to L.A. Rollins’ enduring stature as an ingenious underground satirist and equal-opportunity iconoclast. #LucifersLexicon #LARollins #Quimbys #QuimbysBookstore #QuimbysBookstoreChicago #NineBandedBooks #Nine-BandedBooks #9BandedBooks #UnderworldAmusements #Loompanics

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LUCIFER’S LEXICON: EXPANDED & REVISED by L.A. Rollins; Introduction by MRDA (Nine-Banded Books | Underworld Amusements) $15

Zines & Zine-Related

Junk Box: Junk Drawer Photo Zine #2 by Eric Bartholomew $6

Mantid Mania #4 Battle Mantid by M. Mantis Smith $5

Lost Houses of Lyndale Fragments of Chicago Street History #1 Oct 18 by Matt Bergstrom $3

Seven Songs by Hatlin Park (Perfectly Acceptable Press) $20

The Best of Boneshaker: The Bicycling Almanac by Evan P. Schneider & friends $15

Flashland vol 1 #1 $8

KerBloom #135 by Artnoose $2

Comics & Minis

Stuff from ShortBox: Stoke by Sam Wade, Beneath the Dead Oak Tree by Emily Caroll, Food Baby by Lucie Bryon, Your Mothers Fox by Niv Sekar, Taemons by Kim Salt, Did You See Me by Sophia Foster-Dimino & more.

Mouse Glass by Anna Haifisch (Perfectly Acceptable Press) $25

Daygloayhole Quarterly #3 by Ben Passmore $6

Structures 67-78 by Sophia Foster-Dimino (Uncivilized) $6

I Don’t Like Art School by Lindsay Bonavolonta $5

My Fish by Tianyi Luo $8

Pretty Ugly by Johnny Sampson $7

A Path Cuts Through the Treeline by David Warner $20

Stuff from Tiny Splendor: Vibrant and Gone by Lindsay Anne Watson, Interior Life and Other Comics by Michelle Kwon, Thumbnail Drawings by Louise Leong & more.

Graphic Novels

Cat and Bag by Viviane Schwarz (Shortbox) $13

Homunculus by Joe Sparrow (ShortBox) $16

Showtime at the Apollo: The Epic Tale of Harlem’s Legendary Theater by Ted Fox, illustrated by James Otis Smith $24.95

Politics & Revolution Books

Rethinking Anarchy: direct action, autonomy, self-management by Carlos Taibo (AK Press) $16

Good Trouble: Lessons from the Civil Rights Playbook by Christopher Noxon $19.99

Art & Design Books

Bri by Brianna Rose Brooks (Perfectly Acceptable Press) $20



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Monthly Magickal Record (School of Life Design) Your thoughts create your reality, and your words are the spells that bring thought to life. With systematic clarity, the Monthly Magickal Record unveils the exact process of how your words become flesh. There are 31 pages of the Daily Ritual, where you can chronicle your divination readings, pre-pave your experiences and manifest your desires. Between each Daily Ritual is a different spell for stepping into your power as god in human form. Also included are six weeks of calendar pages for participating in time-based consensus reality. Designed for modern witches, conscious creators, and mindful magicians alike, this journal empowers users to make magick a daily practice. $21 #MonthlyMagickalRecord #SchoolofLifeDesign #DailyRitual #calendar #Quimbys #QuimbysBookstore #QuimbysBookstoreChicago

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Monthly Magickal Record (School of Life Design) $21

Healing Your Magical Body With Plants by Jo Jo Sherrow $8

Curandera Press, titles $5 each: New Love: Incantations & Intercourse For a New Relationship by Julia Arrendondo & friends, For Better Friendship


K-punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher 2004-2016 (Repeater) $29.95

Mayhem & Outer Limits Books

Area 51: The Revealing Truth of Ufos, Secret Aircraft, Cover-ups & Conspiracies by Nick Redfern $19.95

Turned on: Science, Sex and Robots by Kate Devlin $28


The Feed by Nick Clark Windo $16.99


Man About Town Win 2018/Spr 2019 $29.99

Harpers Magazine Jan 19 $6.99

Skeptical Inquirer vol 43 #1 $5.99

Mojo #302 $11.25

Bust #114 $6.99

Horror Hound #74 $6.99

Victory Journal #15 $16

Forecast #9 2019 $18

Spunk #12 $12

Lit Journals & Chap Books

The Literary Review Fall 2018 $15

Fields Magazine Fall Win 18

Windowcat #3 by Jake Ayres & friends $5

Fields Magazine Fall Win 18 $16

And More

The Lake 2019 Calendar by Ruby Thorkelson $10

Bound Heels Iron On Patch by Corinne Halbert $6


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New Stuff This Week

A Book of Elfin Rhymes by “Norman,” illustrations by Carton Moore Park $24.95

Zines & Zine-Related

Strange Tapes #4 Christmas Special by Scott R. Miller $4

Upping The Anti #20 Journal of Theory and Action $13

Meanwhile #8 Popstars by Megan Kirby & friends $5

Not Like You Zine #7 $5

Fluke Fanzine #16 $3

Everyday Mythologies by Joshua James Amberson $8.50

Detroit: A Psychopathic Geography by LS Zines $3

Fight Flight by Liam Shaw $3

Junk Box Junk Drawer Photo Zine #1 by Eric Bartholomew $6

Burn Black #6 The Love Issue by Rory $16

And On It Then Goes by Dylan Bissonette $5

Uniform Godly Control by Jason Carey $3

Asemanticasymmetry by Mark Laliberte $10


Friendship Forever by Inkee Wang (Paradise Systems) $8

Ellipsis by Diane Zhou (Paradise Systems) $8

Collected Dispatch from the Desert by Theora Kvitka $11

Danny’s Dream by Finn Walker $8

Butterfly Book by Anneli Sanaye Henriksson and friends $8

Mineshaft #36 Oct 18 $9

Raven Deathtoll #1 $2

Asphalt #2 $2

Civic 99 Trash Can Psychedelia #1 $5

Pallor Pink #5 To The Extreme $10

Graphic Novels

Radical America Komiks vol 3 #1 An SDS Magazine of American Radicalism edited by Gilbert Shelton (PM Press) $14.95

Doppelganger by Jordan Hart, illustrated by Emmanuel Xerx Javier $9.95

Black Dahlia by Rick Geary $9.99

Meal by Blue Delliquanti with Soleil Ho (Iron Circus) $15

The Girl Who Married a Skull: And Other African Stories by Kel McDOnald & friends (Iron Circus) $15

Art, Design & Photo

Don’t Have Feelings, Don’t Make a Scene: Selected Works by Skinner 2012-2018 (Last Gasp) $39.95

Let’s Burn This Moment Down to the Filter: Art and Other Novelties by Morley $29.95

Junko Mizuno’s Coloring Book (Last Gasp) $12.95

Talk to Myself Photographs by Michael Y. Frantz $20

Make Love, Not War: Surrealism 1968! by Penelope Rosemont / Don LaCoss (Charles H. Kerr Publishing Co.) $10

Politics & Revolution Books

Say It Forward: A Guide to Social Justice Storytelling edited by Cliff Mayotte & Claire Kiefer (Haymarket Books) $19.95

An African American and Latinx History of the United States by Paul Ortiz $16

Outer Limits

A Lie Too Big to Fail: The Real History of the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by Lisa Pease (Feral House) $29.95


Fascination: Memoirs: Bedrooms Have Windows / Bachelors Get Lonely / Triangles in the Sand by Kevin Killian [Semiotext(e)] $16.95

Music Books

A Guest in the House of Hip-hop: How Rap Music Taught a Kid from Kentucky What a White Ally Should Be by Mickey Hess (Ig Pub) $17.95


Urbantasm Book One: The Dying City by Connor Coyne $16.99


Zingmagazine #25 $40

Bitch #81 $7.95

Maximumrocknroll #427 Dec 18 $4.99

Little White Lies #77 $12.99

Shock Cinema #55 $5

The Fader #115 $6.99

True Crime Win 2018 Special $12.99

Fortean Times #373 $12.40

Jacobin #31 $12.95

Monocle #119 $14

Chap Books & Lit Journals



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Books by @amphetaminesulphate now in stock. Yeah! #QuimbysBookstore #Quimbys #QuimbysBookstoreChicago #amphetaminesulphate

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Books from Amphetamine Sulphate ($10-$15 each): Captagon by Philip Best, Civil War by Simon Morris, Happy Days + Slabs From Paradise by Jason Williamson (of the Sleaford Mods), Stupid Baby by New Juche

Brick #102 $16

Carousel Magazine #39 + #40 $12 each