New Stuff!


Butt #26 Fantastic Magazine for Homosexuals $9.90

Luba by Gilbert Hernandez (Fantagraphics) $39.99 – Compiles various pieces of Luba’s comics in a handy tomb.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol 3 Century #1 1910  by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill (Top Shelf) $7.95

Cabinet #33 Deception $12.00

Comics Journal #297 Apr 09 $11.99

Connective Tissue by Bob Fingerman (Fantagraphics) $22.99

Make vol 18 $14.99

Gothic Beauty #28 $5.95

Maximumrocknroll #313 $4.00

Hoboking A Hobo Odyssey by Peter Hillstrom $3.50 – new mini comic

For Lonely Adults Only #4 Spr 09 $5.00 – Lo-fi sexy mag

Spread vol 4 #4 $5.95

Smut Vol 2 from (Chronicle) $14.95

Proximity #4 $12.00 – Don’t miss this one!

Overqualified by Joey Comeau (ECW) $14.95 – Cooler than letters to a nut. Reading here June 27th

Perverts Guide To Cinema Parts 1, 2, 3 with Slavog Zizek DVD $29.99

Army of Lovers Will Be Beaten Collection 1-3 by Bernie McGovern $20.00 – Beuatifully bound comics

32 Stories Complete Optic Nerve Mini-Comics by Adrian Tomine (D+Q) $19.95 – He’ll be here with comics artist Seth on June 10th!

Handy Book of Artistic Printing: A Collection of Letterpress Examples by Doug Clouse and Angela Voulangas (Chronicle) $40.00

Paper Tiger Television Presents: Infiltrating the Underground The Corporatization of Radical Culture DVD with Anne Elizabeth Moore $25.00

Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 8 vol 4 Time of Your Life by Joss Whedon and friends (Dark Horse) $15.95 – Buffy lives, yo.

Free Range Chicken by Simon Rich (Random) $13.00 – Hilarious stories from the author of Ant Farm.

Bizarre #149 $10.50

Ripped: How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music by Greg Kot (Scribner) $25.00

Please Step Back by Ben Greenman (melville) $16.95

Kilobyte Couture: Geek Chic Jewelry to Make From Easy to Find Computer Components (Watson) $18.95

The Match #107 $3.00 – Still keepin’ strong in 3 digits.

Cloud & Ashes Three Winters Tales by Greer Gilman (Small Beer) $26.00

Captive Audience by Dave Reidy (Ig) $14.95 – Short stories from a Chicago local. And he’ll be reading here at Quimby’s July 15th. Stay tuned for more info!

Green Zone by Barry Sanders (AK) $14.95

Young Peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn and Rebecca Stefoff (Seven) $19.95

The Believer #62 $8.00

High Times Jul 09 $5.99

Nexus vol 16 #3 May Jun 09 $5.9

In Praise of Indecency by Paul Krassner (Cleis) $12.95

Zombie Holocaust: How The Living Dead Devoured Pop Culture by David Flint (Plexus) $19.95

Dissection by John Harley Warner and James M Edmonson (Blast) $50.00 – Photos of what else? Dead bodies! Buy with the Zo,bie Holocaust book for a delicious experience!

Osama Van Halen by Michael Muhammad Knight (Ulysses) $14.95