Jolene Siana author of Go Ask Ogre: Letters from a Deathrock Cutter

Oct ’05
12:00 am

Signing with Jolene Siana author of Go Ask Ogre: Letters from a Deathrock CutterThursday November 10th 7pm
Go Ask Ogre: Letters from a Deathrock Cutter by Jolene Siana captures teen angst and music obsession like no author before her. Through confessional letters Siana sent to the singer of her favorite band, Go Ask Ogre reveals a troubled but hopeful and often hilarious ?goth? girl, determined to rise above her dysfunctional family life in a dying Midwest city full of head-bangers and fast-food futures.
Siana?s life throughout the Reagan era was a deeply troubled one. Her mother was single, alcoholic, and abusive. Jolene grew suicidal and became a ?cutter??someone who cuts their skin to feel relief from emotional pain. A suicidal tailspin led her to reach out to Ogre, the enigmatic singer of the influential industrial band Skinny Puppy. For more than three years, Siana sent Ogre a stream of letters, elaborately decorated with illustrations, photos, stories and clippings.
Ogre was so moved by the letters that he kept them in a box for more than a decade, returning them to the author after a chance meeting. After sifting through the details of her former life, Siana?now a well-adjusted and vibrant woman living in Los Angeles?found herself with an ?unintentional memoir,? and a persuasive testament to the power of art and music?even ?Devil Music??to transform lives.
Go Ask Ogre features Jolene?s accounts of personal interaction with several alternative heroes from the ?80s?including bailing Skinny Puppy out of jail, attending a slumber party with punk legends The Descendents, getting a pep talk from the Revolting Cocks, meeting Peter Murphy, and more.