Joshua Cohen reads from The Quo

Oct ’05
12:00 am

Joshua Cohen reads from The QuoSaturday, October 8th, 7 PM
Joshua Cohen has performed in-depth investigations into mirrors and navels to return with The Quorum, his first collection of short fiction. A set of ten stories, a set of dreams, and a long monologue, these are all first-person rants given over by the somehow alienated, individuals seeking only a sympathetic hearing, all dealing with identity and religion as well as occupied with technical ideas of reliable narration and the structure of the mind\’s ear. From a review of a book about the Holocaust that\’s six-million blank pages to a suicide note from a young university student, from a letter to home outlining an economy based on hair to a eulogy for a poem, from a story narrated by three-hundred concubines to the title story about a group of people who interchange appearances, habits, proclivities and talents, The Quorum is a sensitively written and inevitably absurd take on the individual\’s lifelong quest to get someone, anyone, to listen.
About the author:
Joshua Cohen was born in 1980 in New Jersey. He has worked as a journalist, essayist, translator and editor for many publications, including the Prague Literary Review, and the Forward. His fiction has appeared in many journals and anthologies, such as Sleeping Fish, Zeek, Fiction Warehouse, and The New Book of Masks (Raw Dog Screaming Press). Cohen\’s novel, Cadenza for the Schneidermann Violin Concerto, is forthcoming from Fugue State Press in 2006.