Larry O. Dean reads spam inspired poetry

Sep ’04
12:00 am

Larry O. Dean reads from
I Am Spam
Friday September 10th 8PM
Larry O. Dean was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. As a young man he worked with Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Michael Moore, was widely published in the alternative press and also worked as a cartoonist. He attended the University of Michigan at Flint and Ann Arbor, during which time he won three Hopwood Awards. In 2004, he was recipient of the Gwendolyn Brooks Hands on Stanzas Award. Although a card-carrying college graduate, he is non-academic both by choice and temperament, and makes his living outside the pedagogical realm.
In addition to writing, he is a singer and songwriter, working both solo as well as with several pop bands, including Post Office and The Me Decade. Larry\’s most recent solo album is \”Sir Slob.\” He has tracks upcoming on Paisley Pop\’s dB\’s tribute album, and the Sparklefest 2004 compilation. He will begin recording a new solo album this fall.
After living in San Francisco for over a decade, and despite current rampant gentrification, he makes his home in Chicago.
This would be a reading and book signing to celebrate the release of I Am Spam, poetry collection \”inspired\” by spam emails. Published by Fractal Edge Press.
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