The Perpetual Motion Roadshow #15

Aug ’04
12:00 am

The Perpetual Motion Roadshow #15
starring Megan Butcher, Bucky Sinister and Willow Dawson.
Wednesday, August 18th, 8:00pm
This installment of the Perpetual Motion Roadshow features poet, librarian & sex educator MEGAN BUTCHER from Ottawa, king of the roadkills BUCKY SINISTER from San Francisco, & broken-hearted comic artist WILLOW DAWSON from Toronto!
Having grown up on the west coast of BC, Willow knows a thing or two about the rain, although, there is not much of it where she now lives. Currently, Willow draws comics and makes handmade illustrations out of paper, glue and paint. She also collects dead bugs and wants to be Amelia Earhart when she grows up. On the road, Willow will be adding to the excitement by means of a real life drawing experience. Images created will be printed in her next zine, Not Yer Princess #3, September 2004.
Raised in the village of Ballantrae, Ontario, Megan Butcher has also lived in Toronto and Halifax. She is currently falling in love with Ottawa. A veteran of the stage, she has performed at LadyFest Ottawa, the Ottawa International Writers\’ Festival, the Happy Accidentalism World Tour and durtygurls. Her work has appeared in several publications, including SMUT Magazine, Good Girl Magazine, dig., Feliciter, and She has just started her own micropress, Asteroidea Press, to publish her forthcoming chapbook. She will read poems about sex and love.
Bucky Sinister is the author of King of the Roadkills (Manic D Press) . His work has recently been seen in the anthologies The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry (Thunder\’s Mouth) and It\’s All Good (Manic D Press). He prefers horseradish sauce to mayonnaise or mustard and will eat grilled onions on damn near anything. He snores. He took up poetry after realizing he\’d never make it in the world of competitive eating. He will be performing poems from his new book, Whiskey and Robots (Gorsky Press). Visit for more info.