M. Dylan Raskin reads from Little New York Bastard

Nov ’03
12:00 am

M. Dylan Raskin reads from Little New York Bastard
Monday November 3rd 8PM
Meet M. Dylan Raskin (MDR to friends). At 22, he’s the opposite of hip: a working-class college dropout and world-class malcontent who lives with his mother in Queens. Make that Flushing-stinking-Queens, to be precise”and if you know anything about the joint you know that it’s a wretched, horrible place.” Don’t get him wrong: it’s not that he doesn’t like New York, exactly, it’s just that lately he’s felt more and more at odds with everything-his family, his generation, his hometown, even himself. One day he gets fed up and decides to take his freedom on the road, setting off for Chicago in a quixotic attempt to turn his life around.
Equal parts road story, coming-of-age memoir, and existential manifesto, LITTLE NEW YORK BASTARD is the true story of an outsider for the ages, a mixed-up kid who knows what he wants in life but has no idea how to get it. Its also an exhilarating addition to the literature of alienated young people looking for meaning in a world whose values seem utterly upside down.
Author bio:
M. Dylan Raskin was born in Queens, New York.
He will be reading and signing his book.