Geoffrey Bent author of Silent Partners

Nov ’03
12:00 am

Geoffrey Bent author of Silent Partners
Saturday November 22nd 8PM
Geoffrey Bent will read and sign copies of Silent Partners
After 27 years of trying to get his outrageous satire Silent Partners into print, Geoffrey Bent finally found a publisher that didn\’t shy away from the subject matter. This black comedy of fiction delves into the mind of a necrophile, from his early childhood to his final sexual odyssey in search of the ultimate in dead icons to desecrate. The reader hears his innermost thoughts as he rants on God, politics, men, women, and the justification of his own perversions. Is the public ready for a book with subject matter so shocking? The first printing is already sold out.
“This wonderfully eccentric novel is by turns amusing and erotic, and always intriguing.”
Scott Turow
“Not for those with delicate sensibilities. Bent shatters convention with a sledgehammer and sifts through the remains with a magnifying glass.”
Corbin Chezner