Music with Meaning #7

Jun ’06
12:00 am

The Machine Media presents
Music with Meaning 7
June 19 7PM
Readings from Brian Costello, Jim Derogatis, Jessica
Hopper, J.R. Nelson and Amy Phillips. Hosted by Kelsey Snell and Brandon Wetherbee.
Brian Costello is the host of “The Brian Costello Show
With Brian Costello,” a live onstage talk show
performed regularly at the Empty Bottle tavern in
Chicago. His writing has been featured in New City,
the2ndhand, Bridge, Horizontal Action,
Maximumrocknroll, Sleepwalk, and Hair Trigger. He will
also appear as a regular columnist for the upcoming
garage punk n ‘roll webzine, Terminal Boredom.
Costello, a central Florida native and part-time
Fiction Writing instructor at Columbia College
Chicago, also manages the Protomersh Records label and
is the drummer for the Functional Blackouts. His first
novel ?The Enchanters vs. Sprawlburg Springs? was
released late last year on Featherproof Books.
Jim Derogatis is the pop music critic at The Chicago
Sun-Times and the author of several books about rock
‘n’ roll: Let It Blurt: The Life and Times of Lester
Bangs, America’s Greatest Rock Critic (Broadway Books,
2000); Milk It! Collected Musings on the Alternative
Music Explosion of the ’90s (Da Capo, 2003); Turn On
Your Mind: Four Decades of Great Psychedelic Rock (Hal
Leonard, 2003), and Staring at Sound: The True Story
of Oklahoma’s Fabulous Flaming Lips. You can hear him
every Saturday evening on WBEZ as co-host of the
?world?s only rock and roll talk show? Sound Opinions.
Jessica Hopper is a Chicago-based feminist music and
culture critic . For the last 14 years, she has
published the fanzine Hit it or Quit it. She is a
columnist for Punk Planet and is a regular contributor
to Minneapolis City Pages and The Chicago Reader. Her
work has also appeared in SPIN, Bunnyhop, Seattle
Weekly, Venus, Grand Royal, BB Gun, Melody Maker. Her
essay “Emo: Where The Girls Aren’t” appeared in
DaCapo’s Best of Music Writing 2004. Her piece on
Warped Tour “Punk is Dead, Long Live Punk” appeared in
DaCapo’s 2005 anthology, and was also nominated for
Outstanding Arts Journalism by the Society for
Professional Journalism. She also maintains the Tiny
Lucky Genius blog.
J.R. Nelson writes whatever he likes in his blog
?Ozzie Guillen for President?. You can harass him at
the Empty Bottle or at Myopic Books. He seems to
enjoy accepting random AIM messages from random
people. Go ahead and see for yourself, his name is
Amy Phillips is the news editor at Pitchfork Media.
She writes regularly for The Village Voice and
Blender, and has contributed to the Philadelphia
Inquirer, Spin, Newsday, Hit It or Quit It, Kitty
Magik, Decibel, and many other publications.
Kelsey Snell and Brandon Wetherbee are the creators of
The Machine Media. They bit off more than they could
chew with Music with Meaning 7. Who does 30 days of
anything besides eating fast-food?