workshop with Jacinta Bunnell

Jun ’06
12:00 am

Sparkle Kids Action Network presentsa workshop with Jacinta BunnellWednesday, June 21rd, 7:00 PMFREE
The Sparkle Kids Action Network presents Chorus of Crayons Tour 2006: a four week tour featuring Jacinta Bunnell, Michael Truckpile, Julie Novak, and Dave End. This troupe of independent thinkers, songwriters, artists, and activists will be bringing a coloring book-making workshop, acoustic music and a hearty collection of crafts, books, and zines to bookstores, cafes, collective houses, and art spaces near you. Beginning June 14th from their home in New York?s Hudson Valley, the Sparkle Kids will embark on a month long tour throughout the northeast, midwest and Canada in their converted 1987 veggie-diesel Mercedes.
The Sparkle Kids Action Network is eager to find listeners and collaborators to experience and share in their unique brand of home spun entertainment and progressive community atmosphere. Dealing creatively with the themes of gender, children?s media, politics, queer issues, work and play, the Sparkle Kids will all be performing at The Ice Factory in Chicago on June 22. On June 21 at Quimby\’s there will be just a workshop with Jacinta Bunnell.
Jacinta Bunnell is the creative force behind two gender-blending coloring books: Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls Will Be?.. and Girls Are Not Chicks. On the tour she will be facilitating workshops on making your own guerrilla-style coloring books. When she?s not holding a crayon, Jacinta loves to teach yoga-robics to toddlers and host masquerade parties for cats.