Perpetual Motion Roadshow #14

Jun ’04
12:00 am

Quimby?s welcomesThe Perpetual Motion Roadshow #14
Starring Gavin Grant, Geoffrey Goodwinand, Lisa LadouceurMonday, July 12th, 8:00pm
Gavin J. Grant moved from Scotland to the USA in 1991. He worked in bookshops in LA and Boston and then for He lives in Northampton, MA with his wife, Kelly Link, and is trying to balance freelancing, Small Beer Press, and renovating an old farmhouse. Since 1996 he has published a zine, Lady Churchill?s Rosebud Wristlet. He reviews for BookPage and Xerography Debt and has written for the Hartford Courant, Time Out New York, Scifiction, The Urban Pantheist, Full Unit Hookup, Surgery of Modern Warfare, and .is this a cat? His accent comes through when he reads.
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Geoffrey H. Goodwin is a sober and decent person, but he’s terrified of reality. Some people go “EeEeEek!” when they see a rodent or a tarantula –and Geoffrey sometimes does that too — but he’s most often left gasping by things that occur in the “real world.” (This is not to say that both rodents and tarantulas are not sometimes considered “real,” but this rapidly devolves into an epic ramble involving semantics, mousetraps and segmented legs.) So, most of all, Geoffrey H. Goodwin performs speculative fiction, strange off-kilter rants that attempt to make the strange, strange world make sense, sense, sense.
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Liisa Ladouceur writes poems and reads signs. She was born with one i in Penetanguishene, Ontario a small town famous for its asylum and curlers. She got out with her sanity and her hair crimper and landed in Toronto, where she works as a rock critic/pop culture pundit for papers (eye weekly) and radio (CBC). Recently, her obsession with signs has resulted in a series of poems composed entirely from words photographed in public spaces. She will read these, with accompanying photos, along with new Sign Language poems created in each city of the tour, performed fresh nightly, nicely.
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