Richard Metzger of DISINFO

Jun ’04
12:00 am

Richard Metzger live in-store
Saturday June 5th 2PM
Disinformation co-founder and “wicked warlock” Richard Metzger signs and discusses the company\’s book and DVD releases.
A highlight of the afternoon is the screening of rarely seen clips from the infamous “banned” Disinformation TV series, first aired on Channel 4 in the UK and bought for the US by SciFi Network, whose executives panicked once they realized what they had bought and promptly shelved the episodes. The Los Angeles Times described the show as “The Punk Rock 60 Minutes”.
Segments include revelations on transsexual glamor chic; Brice Taylor, the alleged “CIA brain-slave” (who claimed Sylvester Stallone made her have sex with dolphins); and the high-tech, alien-connected Montauk Project. Metzger\’s favorite artists, Joe Coleman and Paul Laffoley, were featured, as were segments from the notorious Uncle Goddamn, a mentally challenged and brutally extreme version of Jackass.