The 2nd Hand release event

Apr ’04
12:00 am

The 2nd Hand celebrates the release of issue #13
Live at Quimby?s
The following is a direct transmission for the editors of The 2nd Hand:
For Apes, By Apes
Between adopting new exercise routines and trying to ignore the empty vessel on television, we have managed the 13. You know you want it. Join The 2nd Hand ( at Quimby?s on Thursday, March 18 at 7:30 pm to celebrate the release of The 2nd Hand broadside number 13, featuring: new fiction (I hadn’t slept like a normal human being for months.) by John L. Sheppard (from our 27th state); our co-conspirator Mickey Hess (Late at night where there used to be static, and I said two-for-one on wheels and rims and we’ll throw in mudflaps too) from Louisville-a town we will always cherish for giving the world Slint; and Chicago’s Erika Mikkalo (Someone outside the circle shouted, “I can play taps on a tuba!”).
Helping us celebrate are: resident 2nd Hand weather poet Susannah Felts; Gretchen Kalwinski, who seems to understand much about the nature of waiting; and your dear 2nd Hand editors, Todd Dills (author of For Weeks Above the Umbrella) and Jeb Gleason-Allured (author of his own despair).
BYOB. You heard us.