Nikki Pill reads from Singing and Then

Apr ’04
12:00 am

Nikki Pill reads from her novel Singing and Then at Quimby?s
March 27th 7:00PM
A unique and experimental novel, Singing, and Then explores the realms of Earth, Heaven and Hell from the perspective of angels, mortal men and the Prince of Lies himself.
A new angel inexplicably appears in Heaven. At the same time all the souls in Heaven, Hell and Earth disappear. While Heaven searches for the lost souls, two damaged spirits wander the Earth. Angels, spirits and mortal men combine forces in a surprising chain of events. They uncover an ugly conspiracy: innocent angels imprisoned, a mysterious illness that devours those closest to God, and a plot to start a second war between Heaven and Hell.
Nikki M. Pill graduated from Lake Forest College with a bachelors’ degree in English and Philosophy. She names Jeanette Winterson, William Faulkner, Steven Brust, and Neil Gaiman as her biggest literary influences, and hopes that all the Sartre she read isn\’t counteracting them too much. Nikki is also widely known and admired as the Vipe Girl, creator of, a feminist web site that critiques our culture’s unrealistic beauty standards.
Singing and Then is her first published novel, and she is currently working on her second, as well as collaborating on a screenplay with the inimitable Bob Cappel.
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