Nik Jajic and Mike Czerniawski sign The Big Bad Book

Mar ’10
7:00 pm
The Big Bad Book

The Big Bad Book

Nik Jajic (co-creator/writer) and Mike Czernaiwski (co-creator/additional art/letterer) present to you—the extremely attractive, and exceptionally brilliant reader—a twisted comedy that insists on blending genres, inducing panic attacks, and occasionally causing motion sickness, all in the form of their deliciously perverse new graphic novel The Big Bad Book from Alterna Comics. It’s been described as Clash of the Titans meets Office Space with a clown and a monkey… yeah, pretty sweet. What’s that?! Still not convinced?! Well then, listen to what a couple of extremely prestigious and very well endowed reviewers had to say:

“The Big Bad Book is a fun and breezy read, there are a lot of good ideas, and Jajic’s handle on dialogue is top notch” -aintitcool

“The Big Bad Book is a locker room humored trip through the absurd and bizarre… with devious clowns and thunder powered monkeys. Gotta’ love that!” -geekinthecity

Yes, it will be awesome, and yes you can get a signed copy, just mark it on your calendar, already! And don’t forget to wear something provocative! Purr!

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