Wred Fright, Crazy Carl Robinson and Grant Schreiber

Jul ’07
12:00 am

Wred Fright, Crazy Carl Robinson
and Grant SchreiberSaturday, July 21th, 7:00 PMFREE
An evening of reading, answering questions, channeling dead professional wrestlers to give advice to the audience, and who knows what else; featuring:
Wred Fright is the author of The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus (ULA/Out Your Backdoor Press, 2006), a rock and roll novel from the world of zines.
Crazy Carl Robinson is the author of Fat On The Vine (ULA/Out Your Backdoor Press, 2007), a novel Carl\’s mother says is filth, but most other readers call a masterpiece.
Grant Schreiber of Judas Goat Quarterly brings the local flavor.
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