Crimethinc’s Middle West Cloak & Dagger Tour

Jul ’07
8:00 pm

Crimethinc’s Middle West Cloak & Dagger TourThurs. July 19th 8pm

Crimethinc presents the “Crimethinc Middle West Cloak and Dagger Tour”, members of the Crimethinc collective will be visiting various Midwest cities (Davenport, Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Kalamazoo, Columbus, etc) with puppet shows, workshops, and more. They’ll be presenting about Security Culture, Consent, Animal Liberation, and possibly Queer/Trans Awareness. The final destination of our tour is the Crimethinc Convergence, which is to be held in Athens, OH this year from July 25th-31st. There we will have many workshops on just about everything, all the while camping and enjoying the company of others in a community-oriented setting.

A group of 5 young activists from all over the US. with various activist backgrounds make up the Crimethinc members on this tour. There’re all anticapitalists, antifascists, and animal liberationists

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