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Weekly Top 10

Thanks to everybody who came out for the Mike White event on 12/13/10, talking about  Impossibly Funky: A Cashiers du Cinemart Collection!
And here’s this week’s top 10 (well, technically, last week, if you want to know the truth, but we post it weekly, so you know, it’s the Weekly Top 10.):
1. Slingshot 2011 Large Organizer (Slingshot Collective) $12.00 – Yes! They are gone. But we do have some other 2011 planners in stock. Stop in and see what we’ve got.
2. Spotting Dee by Michael DeForge (Koyama) $5.00 – A beautiful comic!
3. Is It THE FUTURE Yet? by Corinne Mucha $3.00 – What does the future hold for you? This mini-comic was made ‘specially for Quimby’s!
4. Zombie Spaceship Wasteland by Patton Oswalt (Scribner) $24.00 – Yes! Hilarious essays from this comedian.
5. Proximity #8 Education As Art $12.00 – Writing the book on learning as art and the art of learning: Proximity #8 comes from all angles, focuses, builds, supports. Weighing in at 232 pages, this volume does an exceptional job with a wide variety of profiles, interviews and portfolios and essays, staying both solidly local and vitally connected, you’d be hard pressed to find a smarter art magazine. Contributors include: Eve Ewing, Christa Donner, Chris Kennedy and Cassie Thornton, Michelle Grabner, Antonio Collados and more!
6. Cometbus #50 by Aaron Cometbus $2.00
7. Baba Yaga and the Wolf by Tin Can Forest (Koyama Press) $15.00 – Visually, Baba Yaga and the Wolf is like getting lost deep in the woods as the sun is going down – everything gets extra shadowy and sinister and the pine needles get tangled into dense swirls of threatning demons and implied curses. In contrast, the language is vivid, visceral and crisp, evoking grisly and twisted Eastern European folk lore recounted with passion around a campfire or hearth. The two play nicely off each other, the restraint of the illustrations acting as a springboard for the imagination to conjur the satanic Black Forest chaos hiding in the bushes. -EF
8.Crickets #3: Sex Morons by Sammy Harkham $8.00
9. Acme Novelty Library #20: Lint by Chris Ware (Drawn and Quarterly) $23.95
10. Maximumrocknroll #332 Jan 11

Mike White Reads From Impossibly Funky: A Cashiers du Cinemart Collection 12/4

Dec ’10
7:00 pm

Harangue for Hollywood! From the blighted urban squalor of Detroit—Paris of the Midwest—came enfant terrible Mike White and his mutant publication, Cashiers du Cinemart. For fourteen years and fifteen issues the writers of Cashiers du Cinemart provided a treasure trove of writing on film and popular culture.

This book collects the best articles from the fifteen year history of Cashiers du Cinemart magazine with sections dedicated to Quentin Tarantino, Star Wars, Black Shampoo, unproduced screenplays, celebrity interviews, and much more. Everything has been refreshed, polished, and improved for this volume of movie mayhem.

“Obsessive, indulgent, wildly erratic, yet Impossibly Funky still warms my hardened critic’s heart because of the burning passion for movie going of the writer. It’s manifested in the nutty, beyond-left-field takes on popular geeky movies, and, even better, the stretch beyond Lucas and Tarantino to Kenneth Fearing, Travis McGee, and the unheralded comic genius of Canadian cinema, John Paizs. I’ve got to get my butt to Black Shampoo!” – Gerald Peary, critic, The Boston Phoenix

For more info: http://www.impossiblefunky.com

Saturday, December 4th at 7PM