READ zine making party

Nov ’04
12:00 am

Highschool Space Hosts Zine Making Party Nov. 21
Wicker Park, Chicago, IL —
Highschool Art Space hosts “READ Zine Making Party #5” at 7:30 p.m. Sunday,
Nov. 21st 2004.
The READ Party promotes media literacy and DIY ethics in a hands-on
Bring your friends, cameras, journals, and ideas to fill the blank pages
distributed at the entrance.
Pages created at the READ Party will be published in READ Zine #5, the
culmination of the event.
Publishers and zinesters are encouraged to bring their wares to trade &
In the past two decades “zines” — an informal word derived from “magazine”
— have become
a street art and literary phenomenon.
They are self-published periodicals often photocopied, noncommercial, and
frequently confrontational with mainstream culture and media.
The estimated 20,000 zines that exist in the United States today vary
largely in topic appealing to numerous audiences with specialized interests.
The READ Zine Making Party is made possible by Quimby’s, Loop Distro and a grant from the City of Chicago’s Community Arts Assistance Program [CAAP].
For more info on this event please contact project coordinator at
More press, info & sample pages from previous issues can be found at
Highschool is located at 1542 N. Milwaukee Ave. 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL,
60622 and maintains a website at or email