Live GEEK MAGIC with Tomas

Nov ’04
12:00 am

The Amazing Tomascelebrates the
release ofGeek Magicwith LIVE MAGICSaturday, November 6th, 8:00 PM
Tomas, the professional magician, has had hundreds of shows throughout Chicago land–GREAT AMERICA, THE ALLSTATE ARENA, DOUBLE DOOR, CONGRESS THEATER, THE ODIUM, THE VIC, and THE HOUSE OF BLUES. Plus he?s kinda known by the magic nerds because of his marvelous \”CARDIOLOGIST DECK\”, the EXCHANGE, and \”AMAZING MAGIC WITH ROPE\” DVDs that are sold around the world (no kiddin). From Joey\’s eighth birthday in Hinsdale, Illinois to warming the stage for Insane Clown Posse, & Cyprus Hill nothing is beneath him. He has toured with the William Darke Psycho Circus and most recently you can catch him performing in the Lavender Cabaret at the Lakeshore Theater. Despite all the work performing, Tomas has managed to schmooze himself a job at the nation\’s largest magic manufacturer (FUN Inc.) working as a Customer Service Manager-WOW!
Tomas will be celebrating the release of his new Geek Magic DVD. Get ready to \”stun the teaming masses\” with bizarre feats impressive enough to amaze even the most jaded audiences. Geek magic is not the ordinary instructional magic DVD. This is a delightfully creepy collection of shocker pieces guaranteed to become reputation makers. The DVD is entertaining to watch and you too can learn how to: Swallow and Manipulate Razor Blades, Produce Live Bugs, Become a Human Spittoon, Ingest an Inflated Balloon, Drink Motor Oil, Chew on Broken Glass And Much More! This magic is not intended for the faint of heart – or stomach.
For the evenings festivities of shock and delight Tomas will perform Magic and be joined by his friend Bob Rumba, professional ventriloquist.