Gregory Jacobsen & Dan Gleason

Nov ’04
12:00 am

Gregory Jacobsen & Dan Gleason
Tuesday November 16th 8PM
Gregory Jacobsen will read from his latest novel “Life is a tasty, tender brisket,” talk about comfort foods, discuss proper handling technique of several rare meats, and expose his extremely unique pelvic disorder for the first time in the U.S. nation. Dan Gleason will hum tunes from his album, “Songs of Sex, Songs of Pride,” re-creating his own 1978 appearance on the show ‘Dinah and Friends,’ for all to enjoy.
From Dan:
On November 16, Gregory Jacobsen and I will host a
multi-media event at Quimby’s, featuring multiple
medias, dual or triple (triumvirate ?) uses of
different mediums of expression, and, media. Media
will be utilized to tell tales which we have scribed
first in our hearts, and then fleshed out on paper.
We’ll show you our flesh. If you don’t live in town,
there is no need to make calendricular markings. But
if you do, I think you should be there, because you
may or may not like it. So mark them now, unless you
don’t like experiences, because that is what this
reading will be. On November 16th. 8 pm. If it’s
your anniversary, I suggest divorce. If it’s father’s
birthday, I’m more than willing to slay the lying
bastard, who more than likely is cheating on your
douting, loving mother. If it’s your mother’s
birthday, than she has guilt-tripped you into
witnessing her day of celebration for long enough and
you should tell her ‘forget you’ and come to Quimby’s,
where me and Greg will be reading stories to people
who have otherwise chosen to be there. Other tell off
options- we’ll discuss them later- Bonnie has to use
the computer right now, and I’m a good, good friend.
It’s November 16
Dan Gleason