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QuimBurger Snappy Meal WEBSITE Version! $12.99


Hey So You Want to Know What's Up With Trans Folks #2 by Jude R. Bettridge

Lennon McCrea Zine various issues, $3-$4

Brogan Room $.25

Potluck #1 $12

Water Column by Colleen Corcoran $10

Split Seconds #1 Genoa Italy Photographs by Michael Jarecki $8

I Am Here to F Up the System: A Personal Essay on Being Autistic in a Capitalist World by Anna $5

Izimbra the Zine #1 Covers Edition by Isabel Steffes $10

Zine of Texts to Myself Zine of the Texts I Send Myself $5

Collected #1 2023 edited by by Meri Brin (Fixated Press) $6

Edwin Perry Manchester's Human Issue #1 the Parted Flesh Yielding Its Fruit $5

Photo zines by DeVontez, $11 each: Best View of an Angel, Logan Barbie the Equalizer 3 Bottoms Gran Turismo, We Think Too Much Photographs

My Little Corner of the World #1 by Grace Bradley $7


You Don't Get There From Here #60 by Carrie McNinch $4

Micro Comic by H. Jones: Way of the World #2 $3, Shark Village Slopocalypse $2

SMFGS presents Crust Diary Comics 2023 by Lainey Williams $5

Comics from Toxic Metal Press: Cabaris #1 by Michael Kay, Oh Deanna by Ari S. Mulch, Melty World Matrix #1 by Lane Lincecum, Coward Discourses by Morty C. Pictures, Melty World Matrix #1 by Lane Lincecum

Graphic Novels

Mimi's Tales of Terror illustrated by Junji Ito, written by Hirokatsu Kihara and Ichiro Nakayama $24

In the City Parts 1 & 2 by Karl Christian Krumpholz, $12 each

Hard Switch by Owen D. Pomery (Avery Hill) $20.99

Art Books

Collective Repository of Nostalgia and Sadness $20

Vowel Study Meter Study 2023 by Kelsey Henke $15

Mayhem & Outer Limits

I Am the Dark Tourist: Messenger of Remembrance by H. E. Sawyer (Headpress) $31.95

Earth's Galactic History and Its Extraterrestrial Connection by Constance Victoria Briggs $22

Film & TV

Satanic Shadows: Depictions Of Hell and the Devil in Classic Cinema edited by G.H. Janus (Deicide Press) $22.95

The Book of Beasts: Folklore, Popular Culture and Nigel Kneale's ATV TV Series by Andrew Screen (Headpress) $29.95

Fiction Books

Play by Colleen Corcoran $18

DIY Books

Yes You Can: How to Make a Movie For Almost No Money by Courtney Daniels $24.99


The Believer #144 Winter 2023 The 2023 Music Issue $16

Lit Journals

Overtime #66 Social Distance by Conor Hogan (Blue Cubicle Press) $2

The Bennington Review #12 $15

Moss Piglet Dec 2023 $12

Sins Seance Soul $5

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Quimby’s Consignor Appreciation Event, Dec 14th!

To our awesome consignors: We’re nearing the end of a major upgrade of our consignment systems, which has taken more than a year and includes updating 32 years of manual and digital consignment files and inventorying every single one of the many thousands of consignment items in our shop. This process required hundreds of hours of extra work for our tiny staff, and has come at a time when we’re receiving a volume of incoming consignment items that is unprecedented in our three-decade …

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