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Chicago Zine Fest Fundraiser 10/24


An evening of zine and comics readings
at The Moving Castle
Monday, October 24, 7:30pm
3317 N Kedzie

Readers include:
Ben Spies (no more coffee zine)
Corinne Mucha (Is it the future yet?)
Dave Roche (On Subbing)
Sarah Palin/aka C-Span (Jayonce fan fiction)
Marian Runk (Inbox)
Ben Bertin (MIOK)
suggested donation $3 – $5

Chicago Zine Fest will be March 9th-10th, 2012 at places around town, including Columbia’s Conaway Center. More info at

Weekly Top 10 Quimby Bestsellers

Before we jump into this weeks Top 10, just a note to let you know we will be tabling at The MDW Fair this coming weekend (Oct 21st-23rd). This fair showcases solo and duo exhibitions curated by small not-for-profits, artist-run spaces, independent galleries, collectives and curators from around the country and a whole lot more. The fair starts on Fri the 21st, but we’ll be tabling on Sat/Sun. For more info:

That makes a full month that Optic Nerve #12 has been in the top 10, slowly but surely moving up from where it debuted at #3, then hanging out at #2 for a few weeks, and then this week #1. A bunch of the usual suspects (Bust, Hi-Fructose) but then some that I don’t think have been on our top 10: Likes Dislikes and Piano Rats. Congrats small publishers!

1. Optic Nerve #12 by Adrian Tomine (D&Q) $5.95 – Two pitch-perfect stories of rejection, imperfection, and relationship drama, each ending on a surprisingly uplifting note. “Hortisculpture” pushes Tomine into a stylistic camp with Sammy Harkham, Jordan Crane, Chuck Forsman and Kevin Huizenga – perhaps more than ever before. The story works with a “Chalky White”-ish suburban everyman and his tempered ambitions, but camps up the visual style into a Marmaduke-y newspaper strip aesthetic. The effect is similar to the trickiness of his wedding planning comics. The second half is a repolishing of his “Amber Sweet” college girl mistaken for porn star plot. Plus we get a glimpse into Tomine’s sad-sack mailbox, and some self-aware griping about putting out comics issue by issue.  -EF

2. The Death Ray by Daniel Clowes (D&Q) $19.95 – Coming-of-age-as-comic-book-parable-told-as-comic-book. Another Clowes mindfuck, conveniently in gorgeous hardcover.

3. Bust Oct Nov 11 $4.99

4. Hi Fructose #21 $6.95

5. The Logan Square Literary Review #8 Fall 11 $5.00 – Don’t miss the release event here at Quimby’s Fri 10/28 for this issue Halloween weekend with the Logan Square Literary Review Reads: Halloween Edition! Grab your pumpkin beers and trick-or-treat bags and prepare yourself for the spooky, scary and creepy as read by: Lara Levitan, Michael McCauley, Alicia Hilton and others!

6. Likes Dislikes #1 by Lacey Hedtke $2.00 – As per the Microcosm website: A great little slice of personality from Lacey’s via her extensive lists of likes and dislikes. Some highlights include: Likes: “The thought that Aliens and Humans might someday become one.” “What Illegal things arose out of prohibition” “talking about conspiracies” Dislikes: “Having to break into a place you have the key to.” “Realizing you like your boyfriend’s friends more than you like him” “Playing with silly putty after someone with warts” “Undressing a man only to find he has creepy underwear” With things like this, we get a gradual growing depth into what Lacey is all about and even her seeming contradictions. We smile at shared feeling and cringe at a horrible experience we haven’t yet lived through.

7. Everything Dies #7 by Box Brown (Microcosm) $5.00 – “Issue seven is a comic retelling of the pan-cultural “flood myth.” Here we see Sumerian wind god Enlil (a total badass jerk  a la an evil pro-wrestler) setting out to destroy the newly-created people of the Earth. The “Noah” of this polytheistic ark story is King Ziasudra, and his trajectory and fate are much different than the Christian Biblical version. Beautifully drawn and deep-packed with “the things that make you go hmm,”  Everything Dies will keep you reassessing who we are and what we’ve built our shared narrative from.” – Microcosm Synopsis

8. Gaylord Phoenix by Edie Fake (Secret Acres) $17.95 – All-Gaylord-All-Phoenix-All-In-One, Dr. Bronner’s Style.

9. Just Kids by Patti Smith (Ecco) $16.00

10. Piano Rats by Franki Elliot (Curbside Splendor) $10.00 – Elliot’s poems dissect the 9,000 year gap between the breakfast and the bus ride, the eons between bodies and the slick sopes of memory.  -EF

Want your zine, comic or book to be in the top 10 and get some exposure? Tell your friends to come in and get it.

David David Katzman reads from A Greater Monster With Illustrator Caitlin McKay 11/10

Nov ’11
7:00 pm

David David Katzman’s second novel, A Greater Monster (Bedhead Books), is a groundbreaking multimedia work that includes 65 pages of illustrations, numerous graphic design elements, visual text poetry, and links to two websites, one of which features original music composed to mirror events in a scene of the book and another featuring an animated sequence.

This story itself is a psychedelic fairytale for the modern age, influenced by Alice in Wonderland, Williams S. Burroughs, and graphic novelist Grant Morrison. This darkly poetic tale takes you on a trip into a twisted alternate reality that reflects civilization like a funhouse mirror. A Greater Monster breathes new life into the possibilities of fiction.

“Brilliant, insane, and utterly unique…”—Jen Knox, author of To Begin Again (2011 Next Generation Indie Book Award winner)

“I can’t express how brilliant my favorite scenes in A Greater Monster are. In this extraordinary work, Katzman pushes language to do things, which are truly astounding.”—Carra Stratton, Editor, Starcherone Press

“This is bizarro fiction at its most intense. It contains scenes and unique designs that seem engineered by some Mad Hatter and Chuck Palahniuk cross-breed.”—Lavinia Ludlow, author of alt.punk

David David Katzman’s first novel, Death by Zamboni follows anti-hero Satan Donut through a world of mimes, TV stars, zombies, blockheads, mad scientists, riot grrls, and werewolves. It continues to be an acclaimed cult success. Katzman ‘s work has been published in Bridge Literary Magazine and Tailspins. He has a Master’s Degree in English Literature from University of Wisconsin-Madison and has performed as an actor and improviser throughout Chicago.
Also in attendance will be the book's illustrator Caitlin McKay, who contributed over 60 pages of sequential illustrations to the book!

For more info:

Thurs, November 10th, 7pm

Click here to download the press release for this event.

New Stuff This Week

Wow! We got so much stuff this week, we’re up to the brim. But now we have the Quimby’s Patches available for mail order on our web site if you’re not a Chicago local. Lucky you!

How about this one?

Come On In: New Poems by Charles Bukowski (Ecco) $13.99 – Just in time for Halloween, undead zombie Charles Bukowski has a new book of poems. Oh, no wait. They must have just found this text somewhere under all the empty bottles or something. Wow. Bukowski and PK Dick are like the two most prolific dead guys EVER. -LM

But anyway…

Apple Pickers Union #3 by Curiouser Jane $1.00
Pieces #6 On Commuting by Nichole $3.00
Fashionable Activism #2 Hardcore Punk Fanzine by Kevin McCaughey $3.00
A Folk #4 Le Chien Qui Mord Tout Le Monde $3.34
Lower East Side Librarian Special Zine Tour Edition by Jenna Freedman $2.00 – With a Quimby’s namedrop, yo! The zinester librarians stopped at Quimby’s for an Orderly Disorder event this past July featuring the Fly Away Zine Mobile. This zine tells about their adventures!
Purification by Terence Hannum $30.00

Tragic Relief #12 Drag Bandits by Betsey Swardlick and Colleen Frakes (Retrofit) $5.00
Ufoja Lahdessa #4 by Marko Turunen $10.00
Scaffold #1 I to XII by V.A. Graham and J.A. Eisenhower $7.00 – Scaffold is told on a videogame-style map of a striking hive structure biodome. Visually stunning, the surreal geodesic panoramas of Scaffold would do any experimental architect proud, though the by-product of the extended long shot is it’s hard to get close to the story or characters running through the landscape. Science fiction flavors and environmental threat seem looming here- looking forward to seeing if this series can hit a strange cohesion. -EF
Kill Tons of Stuff #1 by Luke Pelletier $2.00 – Comes with stickers. Ooo la la!
End of The Fucking World Part 1 by Charles Forsman $1.00
By the Slice #1 by Giulie Speziani by Cecilia Latella $2.00 – About working in a pizza place.
Old Abdullah Had a Farm a Sing-a-Long Introduction to the Global BDS Movement by Ethan Heitner $1.00
Mini comics by Fly (published by the Booklyn Arts Alliance): Dog Dayz #2 $10.00, Peops #2, #4, #5 ($10.00 each). Fly’s portraits and interviews reflecting travels and unravels in Lower East Sider-heavy bohemian -activist-squatter-freaker-punk circles. Badassssssss. We already have Peops #6 up on our website to order.
We also have some cool arty chap books from this publisher too. See the section labelled poetry, lit journals and chap books section further down.

The Death-Ray by Daniel Clowes (D&Q) $19.95 – What started out as a single-story in Eightball #23 in 2004 entitled “The Death Ray” is now a full on graphic novel that tells the (potential) tale of a loner teen that (potentially) obtains super powers and with the help of a friend tries to find (potential) real world applications. But is it for real? Potentially? -LM
Dear Creature by Jonathan Case (Tor) $15.99 – A sea creature learns English by stumbeling upon Shakespeare texts in bottles, leading him on land adventures. The Tempest? Swamp Thing? Ummmmm…Splash? -LM
Orcs Forged for War by Stan Nicholls and Joe Flood (First Sec) $17.99
The GNB Doublec – The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists: A Story From the by Seth (D&Q) $24.95 – “Seth uses this superbly drawn narrative tour of one of the G.N.B. Doublecs meeting halls as an excuse for some grand mythmaking and wish fulfillment.” -Publishers Weekly

Two Banksy books!
*Banksy Locations and Tours vol 2: Collection of Graffiti Locations and Photographs From Around the World by Banksy/Martin Bull (ECW) $20.00
*Banksy Myths and Legends: A Collection of the Unbelievable and Incredible Collected by Marc Leverton (Carpet Bombing Culture) $9.95 – No single living artist has created as many myths, rumours and legends as Banksy. In his home-town of Bristol almost everyone seems to have a Banksy story. Many of the tales in this book are from Bristol, some are from further a field. What they share is that they are all told with the wide eyed wonder which Banksy inspires. Collated between 2009 and 2011 some of these stories are quite old and have been told so many times they have become the stuff of legend, others are more questionable and best described as myths. Some are laugh out loud bollocks and are simply gossip. You be the judge.
Out of Sight: Urban Art/Abandoned Spaces by Romanywg (Carpet Bombing Culture) $39.95 – Urban ruins are like the woods in the old fairy tales, they are the place where the ordered reality of modern city life gives way to the irrational, the ambient and the surreal. Abandoned factories, warehouses, industrial sites and deconsecrated churches. You get the idea.
Cement Eclipses: Small Interventions in the Big City by Isaac Cordal (Carpet Bombing Culture) $22.00 – London sculpture artist Isaac Cordal sculps little toy figures from concrete in ‘real’ situations. 3D street art of sorts, but pithier. -LM
Illustrators In and Out: What Moves Them and How They Move Art by Youjia Nie (CYPI) $39.95
My Even More Wonderful World of Fashion: Another Book for Drawing Creating and Dreaming by Nina Chakrabarti (Laurence King) $19.95 – A fun fashion coloring books for all ages. The first one was so successful we ordered this one too.
Dan Eldon Safari As a Way of Life by Jennifer New (Chronicle) $24.99 – Through adventurous safaris and benevolent crusades around the world, Dan Eldon crafted a philosophy of curiosity, creativity, and charity. He lost his life at age twenty-two while on assignment in Somalia. This visual biography showcases unpublished artwork from Dan’s journals and letters.
Logology 2 The Wonderland of Logo Design by Victionary (Victionary) $39.95 – A diverse array of logos, symbols, icons, mascots, emblems and graphics that all effectively achieve the goal of arresting one’s attention and entering our neural networks.
Interior Pop! A Celebration of the Smartest, Trendiest, Quirkiest and Wildest Graphic Interiors by Narelle Yabuka (Gingko) $39.95 – This book is a grand survey of how brands and enterprises are using space as their canvases to express identity with maximum impact. Expanding on the underpinnings of the pop art movement of the 1950s and 60s, designers are championing anti-elitism and bold and figurative graphics-reworking these ideals and their meaning within contemporary three-dimensional architectural spaces.
Audible Dwelling by Learning Site (Half Letter Press) $11.00 – This publication is a record of the research that inspired the Audible Dwelling project, which is is a mobile dwelling and a stereo loudspeaker system. Essays about the design work of Eileen Gray, Justin Stapleton and the history of transmission line speakers. Themes covered in this publication include: the history and politics of speaking houses, the autocity as aesthetic and political landscape, the relationship of revolutions to renovation, and the gender and political opinions of furniture.

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides (FSG) $28.00 – English major and devotee of classic literature Madeleine Hanna is a senior at Reagan-era Brown University. Only when curiosity gets the best of her does she belly up to Semiotics 211, a bastion of postmodern liberalism, and meet handsome, brilliant, mysterious Leonard Bankhead. Completing a triangle is Madeleine’s friend Mitchell, a clear-eyed religious-studies student who believes himself her true intended. A new book from this Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex.
How Mistakes Were Made by Tyler McMahon (SMP) $14.99 – Seattle rocker Laura Loss, one-time teen bass player in her brother’s successful early-’80s hardcore punk band SCC, recalls her ascent to grunge queenÑand her descent into rock tabloid infamyÑas drummer of the legendary ’90s band the Mistakes. So this book is like, the rise and fall of a band called the Mistakes. Get it? Like the title? How they were made? Ha ha ha. Another grunge book to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind.
The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga (Dunne) $24.99 – The Governor was voted ÒVillain of the YearÓ by Wizard magazine the year he debuted, and his story arc was the most controversial in the history of the Walking Dead comic book series. Now, for the first time, fans of The Walking Dead will discover how The Governor became the man he is, and what drove him to such extremes. Note: this is an actual fiction text book, not a graphic novel.
Pale Fire: A Poem in Four Cantos by John Shade by Vladimir Nabokov (Gingko) $35.00 – A publisher we order design/lowbrow art/street art books from published this, which is interesting, because it’s actually fiction in a sort of poetry format by Nabakov. But it’s just so weird we think you might want it. So the story in this “book” is about a fictional American poet named John Shade who wrote a 999-line poem called Pale Fire, composed on notecards. And then his mad egotistic neighbor steals it and makes weird line by line commentary. So there’s the story. But here’s the extra interesting part about this: this reprint is more than a book. It reprints it on 50 notecards in a slipcase-esque fancy box. And it comes with two paperbacks of essays by Nabokov experts. And oh! Artist Jean Holabird, who conceived the project, illustrates key details of the poem. Literature geeks, this is for you. -LM

The Believer #84 Oct 11 $8.00
Piano Rats by Franki Elliot $10.00
L-Vis Lives – Racemusic Poems by Kevin Coval (Haymarket) $16.00 – Thanks to everybody that came out this week to see Kevin Coval read poems from this week. He read from this narrative book of poems which tells the story of a white kid obsessed with hip hop. You know like, how Elvis was made to be like, the white music industry’s answer to rhythm and blues? Like that. But with hip hop. And suburbia. Very sort of Jonathan Lethemy, but in slam poet style.
Electric Literature #6 $10.00
Booklyn Arts Alliance chap books including ABC #3 Scream at the Librarian by various, with Raymond Pettibon illustrations $15.00 (and by the way, it’s hilarious, with aggro direct calling out of certain types of obnoxious library patrons), ABC #4 Like a Cure by NY Youth $15.00, Revisioning of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America by Jen Benka $15.00

Occupants: Photographs and Writings by Henry Rollins (Chicago Review Press) $35.00 – Yes, that Henry Rollins. His new book features full-color photographs he took in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, Nepal, Northern Ireland, Siberia, Vietnam, and other far-flung nations. Political commentary text accompanies.
Stoner Coffee Table Book by Steve Mockus (Chronicle) $16.95 – Photoshop + cats + weird patterns. Have a good time.
Inside Pee Wee’s Playhouse: The Untold Unauthorized and Unpredictable Story of the Pop Phenemenon by Cassen Gaines (ECW) $19.95
Live Suburbia by Anthony Pappalardo and Max G. Morton (PowerHouse) $24.95 – Punks in suburbia in the eighties and early nineties. Mostly photos, some text from Max “Indestructible Wolves of the Apocalypse” Morton and Anthony Pappalardo $24.95 – So remember in high school you and your friends took pictures of each other outside Denny’s on skateboards? This is where those pictures have resurfaced. And yet, the text is interestingly poetic and compelling. Part Mortified, part FOUND Mag, a little Vice. But totally awesome. -LM
Making an Exit From the Magnificent to the Macabre: How We Dignify the Dead by Sarah Murray (SMP) $25.99
Encyclopedia Gothica by Liisa Ladoucheur and Gary Pullin (ECW) $19.95 – In case you need some help with that book report you’re writing about goth. -LM
Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Plus…by Cory Doctorow (PM Press) $12.00 – Cultural criticism of sorts from this Boing Boing rock star, sci-fi thinker, desktop publisher and digital era commentator. Put him in a ring with Douglas Rushkoff and see who wins.

Crafting With Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat by Kaori Tsutaya (Quirk) $14.95 – First cats took over the internet. Now they’re taking over DIY crafts. But admit it! You are interested in looking at this book because it is so um, weird? Gross? Taxidermically pet voodooesque? Interesting? Cute? Ecologicaly saavy? Or something…? -LM
How to Sell Your Crafts Online: A Step by Step Guide to Successful Sales on Etsy by Derrick Sutton (SMP) $21.99
Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2: Build a Secret Agent Arsenal by John Austin (Chi Rev Press) $16.95 – aka how to drive your co-workers and neighbors crazy. NOW GET OFF MY LAND! -LM
Cyclopedia: It’s All About The Bike by William Fotheringham (Chi Rev Press) $25.00 – Not just helpful info about bike stuff but also, bike lore and stuff like that, with the added bonus of having super cool clean yet quirky design.

Fresh at Twenty: The Oral History of Mint Records 1991-2011 by Kaitlin Fontana (ECW) $19.95 – As in the Canadian label that helped launch the careers of the New Pornographers, Neko Case, the Evaporators, the Smugglers, the Sadies and more.
Instrument by Graham Pat (Chronicle) $29.95 –  Photos by Pat Graham have appeared in Spin, Artforum, The Village Voice, Washington Post, and VICE, among others. The photos in this book capture the intimate relationship between musician and instrument told by the signs of wear of fingers on frets or keys, chips, scratches, and modifications by the artists who have played, beaten on, bled over, and made them their own. He’s been documenting these amazing instruments and collecting stories about them from musicians on the road, in clubs, and at home, including members of The Smiths, Sonic Youth, The Flaming Lips, R.E.M., New Order, Wire, Fugazi, Built to Spill, Band of Horses, Modest Mouse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and many more.
Def Jam Recordings: The First 25 Years of the Last Great Record Label, Illustrated Oral History of the Greatest Hip Hip Hit Making Machine in History by Bill Adler and Dan Charnas (Rizzoli) $60.00
Mix of Bricks and Valentines by G.W. Sok (PM Press) $20.00 – Lyrics by G.W. Sok from The Ex.

Treat Me Like Dirt: An Oral History of Punk In Toronto and Beyond 1977-1981, updated edition by Liz Worth and Gary Pig Gold (ECW) $19.95
The Story of the Kinks: You Really Got Me by Nick Hasted (Omnibus) $29.95

Revolution as an Eternal Dream: The Exemplary Failure of the Madame Binh Graphics (Half Letter Press) by Mary Patten $13.00 – Examines the political practice and visual propaganda of a now-obscure womenÕs poster, printmaking, and street art collective based in New York City between 1975 and 1983. For a brief, intense period of time, the MBGC collaborated on projects against racism and in solidarity with national liberation movements, producing many beautiful multicolored silkscreened prints, note cards, banners, posters, and other print ephemera before withdrawing into the isolation of a sectarian and militaristic political line. By 1982 its core members were in prison or underground. Revolution as an Eternal Dream calls up the perpetual desire for revolution, but also the frailty of such dreams.

Nursery Rhyme Comics: 50 Timeless Rhymes from 50 Celebrated Cartoonists ed. by Chris Duffy (First Second) $18.99 – Fifty classic nursery rhymes illustrated and interpreted in comics form by fifty of today’s preeminent cartoonists and illustrators like Roz Chast, Gene Yang, Lilli Carre, Jordan Crane. Theo Ellsworth, Hernandez Bros, Lucy Knisley, Aaron Renier, Craig Thompson, Sara Varon and more. Each rhyme is one to three pages long, and simply paneled and lettered to make it accessible for the youngest of readers.

Juxtapoz #130 Nov 11 $5.99
Hi-Fructose #21 $6.95
2600 Hacker Quarterly vol 28 #3 $6.25
ArtForum Oct 11 $10.00
Dwell Nov 11 $5.99
ID Magazine Fall 11 $12.00
High Times Dec 11 $5.99
Skunk vol 7 #3 $5.99
Meatpaper #16 Fall 11 $7.95
BlackBook #87 Oct 11 $4.95
Treats Magazine #2 $20.00
Fader #76 Oct Nov 11 $5.99
Chips and Beer #1 $5.00 – New music mag.
Amass #41 $4.95
Tabu Tattoo #46 $7.99

OP Original Plumbing #8 Trans Male Quarterly $8.00
Front #160 $9.99

Witches Almanac #31 Spr 2012 to Spr 2013 $11.95
Alphabet Magnutz Super Strong Magnets Includes 43 Letters by Goroku $9.99 – Alphabet magnets in more unique fonts than you usually see on fridge letter magnets.
Robot USB Hub with 4 Ports and LED Eyes $19.00 – Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto. Kilroy provides 4 more USB Ports for your devices. Don’t say we didn’t ever provide you with anything digital. Connector cord included.
Yummy Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow $19.99 – Almost the size of a body pillow! There for you after you crash from an ice cream sugar overload.

To see new items added almost every week to our web store, see

Weekly Top 10

Hey! We just got the new Daniel Clowes The Death-Ray! Come and get yours!

1. Best American Comics 2011 ed. by Abel/Madden with guest editor Alison Bechdel (Houghton) $25.00 – Thanks to everybody that came out to see Alison Bechdel this past weekend!

2. Optic Nerve #12 by Adrian Tomine (D&Q) $5.95 – Two pitch-perfect stories of rejection, imperfection, and relationship drama, each ending on a surprisingly uplifting note. “Hortisculpture” pushes Tomine into a stylistic camp with Sammy Harkham, Jordan Crane, Chuck Forsman and Kevin Huizenga – perhaps more than ever before. The story works with a “Chalky White”-ish suburban everyman and his tempered ambitions, but camps up the visual style into a Marmaduke-y newspaper strip aesthetic. The effect is similar to the trickiness of his wedding planning comics. The second half is a repolishing of his “Amber Sweet” college girl mistaken for porn star plot. Plus we get a glimpse into Tomine’s sad-sack mailbox, and some self-aware griping about putting out comics issue by issue.  -EF

3. Habibi by Craig Thompson (Pantheon) $35.00 – New from the author of Blankets.

4. OK OK You Smote Me Stories by Al Burian (Quimby’s  Exclusive) $35.00 – The author of Burn Collector made a zine especially for us to publish and sell.

5. Laphams Quarterly vol 4 #4 Fall 11 $15.00 – The theme this issue: The Future.

6. Fun Home by Alison Bechdel (Houghton) $13.95

7. AdBusters #98 Nov Dec 11 $8.95

8. Serial Killers Unite #8 $2.00 – No (edible) bones about it, this one’s for all mayhem-intrigued  true crime “fans.” Letters from serial killers for reals. All sorts of things run through one’s mind when reading it, the least of which, it’s not surprising we always sell out of this zine when it comes in. Is it exploitation? Shocking? Strangely “normal” prisoner correspondance? Descriptions of killers you haven’t heard of? Do you feel dirty and freaked out reading it but then you can’t put it down? Is “entertaining” a dirty word for this? Are we hard-wired to take pleasure in gossip but then we experience cognitive dissonance because we don’t want to seem shallow so we call it a “sociological document?” The answer to all these questions: YES. Come get your copy now. -LM
Like nothing else we carry, this Australian zine reprints correspondence with convicted serial killers…this issue is letters (and fudge recipes?!) from John Canaday, Arthur Bomar, John Eichinger, and William Suff. Creepy Stuff. -EF

9. Mark Twain’s Autobiography 1910-2010 by Michael Kupperman (D&Q) $19.99 – Porny grody weirdo version of Twain. Truly a tale to thrizzle.

10. Piano Rats by Franki Elliot $10.00 – Elliot’s poems dissect the 9,000 year gap between the breakfast and the bus ride, the eons between bodies and the slick sopes of memory.  -EF