New Stuff 5/5/07

Wow Spring time fiction has just dropped! Plus Dishwasher Pete’s long overdue book and a new Walking Dead graphic novel collection! We got something for everybody

New Stuff to Hit Our Shelves on the Week ending 5/04/07
New Mags and Zines:
Rollin Hatin Show Catalog Zine $5.00 D&D is back like natural a 20
Graphic #10 $29.95 Diaries, Notebooks + Sketchbooks
PowerHouse Magazine #2 $10.00
Polaroid Zine/ Fold out Poster $3.00 from the dude in Xiu Xiu

New New Comics and Minis and Graphic Novels:
Pyongyang by Guy Delisle $14.95 A Journey in North Korea
Boy Who Made Silence by Joshua Hagler $5.95 Xeric Winner
Flood 3rd Edition $14.95
Walking Dead vol 6 Sorrowful Life $12.99
100 Bullets #83 $2.99

Brand New Books:
Dishwasher by Pete Jordan $13.95
Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon $26.95
Rank by Chuck Palahniuk $24.95
Skinema by Chris Nieratko $15.00
I Was Just Leaving by Richard Colman $39.95
Bears by Kent Rogowski $24.95
Future  Generation by China Martens $16.95 Zine book for subculture parents & kids
Special Effects $39.95 a book about special effects in printing
JPod SC $14.95 by Douglas Coupland
Christian faith and Truth Behind 9/11 $17.95
Get A Hobby $19.95 101 Diversions for any lifestyle
Three Trees Make a Forest $24.95
Zoom In Zoom Out $45.00 edited by victiona:ry

Erotica and Porn and Sex Culture and Dirty Comics
Housewives at Play #17 $4.95
AG Super Erotic #57 $4.99
Destruction of the Moral Fabric of America by Steven Toushin $15.00
Puppy Papers by Puppy Sharon $15.00 a woman’s journey into BDSM
Cock Coloring Book $3.00

Notable Restocks: Old but New Again:
Tons of cute Missy Kulik Mini Comics