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Mutations #3 by Corinne Halbert $12

From Staple To Spine Compendium of Zine Related Books by AJ Michel $2

Good Manners by Lily Cozzens $15

Dave Zine #17 Thirty Years Into This Thing by David G. Cookson $5

Stapled Spine #11 & #12 $5

New stuff from by Charles Brubaker: Dress Em Up, Royal Merkats $3 each

Messy Misfits Club #2 $10

zines from Amerikana Studio: Simple Sabotage Field Manual $7, Narrative Department of Communication Publication $5, Obsolescence Amerikana Studio $7

Sad Girl Riot #8 $2.50

Towards A Self Sustaining Publishing Model Manifesto by Marc Fischer $1

Seen #1 & #2 by Hannah Sellers $24.99 each

Mending by Heather Anacker $3.33

2021 Movie Watchlist by Johnny Misfit $3

Day on Devon a Zine by Aao Mil $5

Anima Animus Art Series Zines, $7 each: Guaranteed Healers by Tim McGrath #10, Secret Knowledge by Leonardo Casas #9

Comics & Minis

Smut Witch by Corinne Halbert and Shea Cahill $15

Perry Midlife by S.R. Arnold $12

Comics by Kevin Budnik: It's Okay To Be Sad July 2020 $4, I Hope This Finds You (various issues) $6 each

Death Forever in Freedom Bright $5

Vandalism Release by Mikie Poland $5

Blat #1 and #2 by Mat Greaves $4

Fishing Out Toons by Charles Brubaker $5

I Don't Belong Here by Matt Lock $6

Scentagons by Stefan Gruber $5

Pixie Lice by Amanda Vahamaki $5

Terminal Discount by Leomi Sadler $5

Graphic Novels

Benjamin Marra's Disciples (Fantagraphics) $24.99


Punk Called Rock Book by James Hippie $10

Chap Books

Dark Materia Mundus #6 + #7 $12

Sexy stuff

Unfuck Your Blow Jobs: How to Give and Receive Glorious Head by Faith G. Harper PhD (Microcosm) $9.95

Unfuck Your Cunnilingus: How to Give and Receive Tongue-Twisting Oral Sex by Faith G. Harper PhD (Microcosm) $9.95

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Zine Club Chicago SNAX Collab Zine Call for Submissions!

SNAX A Zine Club Chicago collab zine Call for Submissions The members of Zine Club Chicago love snacks (almost) as much as they love zines, so the group is celebrating their collective snackiness with a collab zine. Send in your writing, lists, comics, drawing, collage & more all about SNACKS! Updated food pyramids made up only of snacks, an essay about discovering Zapp's chips on your first trip to New Orleans, a renaissance-style still life of your favorite noshes, a power …

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New Stuff This Week

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Quimbys Bookstore (@quimbysbookstore) Zines Home by Daniella Thach $7 Behind Sharp by Katie Kiesewetter $5 Feminist Art Punks - Riot Grrrl Zines and the Radical Power of Self Authorship by Katie Kiesewetter $2 Slutcake #13 May 22 by Jolie Ruin & friends $2 East Village Inky #66 NYC Museums by Ayun Halliday $3 Each Day Is a Month by …

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