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Handmade Nation Event Coming Up!

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Best American Comics Taking Submissions For Future Editions!

The Best American Comics are accepting submissions for their next volumes! We are pasting in the info they’re sending around if you’re interested! Wanna buy the most recent 2008 edition guest edited by Lynda Barry? Go here!

Dear cartoonist, editor, publisher, or individual involved in comics some other way,

Now that Lynda Barry’s spectacular Best American Comics 2008 has hit the stores, we can finally reveal our guest editor for the next (2009) edition: Charles Burns! We’ve just passed the deadline for the Best American Comics 2009, and the selection process is in full swing. We’re thrilled to be working with Charles, and look forward as much as you do to seeing what he chooses as his Best American Comics. If you submitted last year, and your work is selected by Charles, will will be in touch somewhere around December or January.


We can’t tell you who the guest editor for 2010 will be, but believe us when we say you’ll be excited when you hear. So we need to start receiving all the fantastic books, comics, minis, and webcomics out there for this eligibility year. We know there are all kinds of great comics that came out for SPX or APE. All those books are eligible for the NEXT volume of BAC. This call for entries is to remind you that we accept books ALL YEAR LONG! We send a first batch of comics to the guest editor mid-summer so we really need to have new comics as soon as they come out, not to mention the fact that we have more time and attention to read your books carefully than when we’re swamped at the end of the eligibility year.

So: Please submit your comics published since September 1 of 2008 for the next Best American Comics. If you don’t publish comics, we’ve put you on our reminder list because we know you know people who do, and we hope you’ll pass on this reminder to them. Especially when it comics to minis, webcomics, and very small press, we need your help to make sure we’re seeing what’s great out there in the comics world.


Jessica Abel and Matt Madden
Series Editors
The Best American Comics
Houghton Mifflin Company
215 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003

How to submit:
Comics published by North American artists on paper or on the web between Sept 1 2008 and Aug 31 2009 are eligible for BAC 2010.

Mail one copy of each of your books to us at the above address. Please make sure to attach your contact information and the RELEASE DATE. If it’s not inside the book, stick a post-it on the cover with that info.

Web comics should be submitted as printouts with publishing dates for EACH STRIP. For ongoing strips we recommend sending a selection of your best material.

For more details on the submissions process and rules, look here:
(this page will be updated soon for the 2008 volume, but the rules are all there already).

Quimby’s Top Ten Best Sellers For the Week of October 26th – November 1st, 2008

1.    United States Constitution Graphic Adaptation by Jonathan Hennessey (Hill&Wang) $16.95
2.    After 911 Americas War on Terror by Sid Jacobson (Hill&Wang) $16.95
3.    Acme Novelty Library #19 by Chris Ware (Drawn + Quarterly) $15.95
4.    Chunklet #20 $9.99
5.    Public Phenomena by Temporary Services (Temporary Services) $15.00
6.    Tiny Unicorn by Megan Whitmarsh $1.00
7.    Juxtapoz #94 Nov 08 $4.99
8.    Acme #17 by Chris Ware (Drawn + Quarterly)  $16.95
9.    Forty Four Presidents by Sputnik $1.50
10.  I Hate Moms Cat by Corinne Mucha $3.00

New Stuff November 1st 2008

Pumpkins have been smashed, eggs have been thrown and all the souls are back in hell. We got a hot wall of remainder books in back tons of deals you have to see to believe, but as always with these hot deals once they are gone, their gone! So don’t sleep in to long today.

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