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Comedy By Numbers Event

This event was super fun. Thanks to everybody that came! Eric Hoffman and Gary Rudoren reenacted/read from their book Comedy By Numbers, to scientifically enlighten us how to be funny. Special guest Bob Odenkirk acted as the obnoxious college circuit comedian, and as you would expect, was hilarious.


Bob O 1

Cool goings on

A few weeks ago we had some cool visitors, Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd, comics artists (“Unlovable”) and authors of the fantastic book Whatcha Mean Whats a Zine. They talked about stuff and showed us their amazing paper mache photocopier!

EPW and MT

Paper Mache Photocopier

Dishwasher Pete at Quimby’s!

Dishwasher Pete

“Dishwasher Pete” Jordan enthralled a packed house here at Quimby’s with passages from his book Dishwasher: One Mans Quest to Wash Dishes in All Fifty States. He was nice enough to get artsy and all cardinal direction-y in our photobooth. What we thought was super cool was that we were the only bookstore in Illinois that he read at on his tour (on purpose!), since he has a longstanding relationship with both Quimby’s and Steven, the original owner of Quimby’s. We are proud Dishwasher Pete did his fantastic event here, and we wish him luck on his way back home to Amsterdam, where he and his wife are in the process of buying a bike shop.


Yesterday Paul Hornschmeier (of Forlorn Funnies, Mother Come Home, etc.) stopped in to say hello (see below) and tempted us with the news that his book The Three Paradoxes, after tantalizing delay, is almost out! Paul H

Also visiting us was Andrew (see below) from Needles and Pens in San Francisco, a Quimby’s-ish type of place that looks way cool!

Andrew Needles Pens

Our Photobooth is here!

The long anticipated day is finally here! Our Photobooth is here, and it was quite a project. Photobooth

It took a few hours for the booth techs to get the Photobooth all positioned and working. Check out its innards:


More innards!

Also, Steven Svymbersky, the original owner of Quimby’s is here to visit! We put him to work:

Steven dusting!

We also like that Dan Kelly, one of Quimby’s longtime customers stopped by to coordinate plaid shirts:

Steven and Dan