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PROTEST IS KEY(chain) . . @chunkletindustries sent us some important free thingies. Spread the word!

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Razorblades and Aspirin #8 Win 20 Hardcore Punk Fanzine $8

East Village Inky #61 by Ayun Halliday $3

Meadow Heights Tarot Zine #1 $5

Flashland vol 1 #6 $8

Xerography Debt #47 $4.95

Clearance by Joseph Josué Mora $12

When You Feel It You’ll Understand by Tyler Esque $5

Comics & Minis

Cartoon Dialectics #1 by Tom Kaczynski (Uncivilized Comics) $5.00

Ginseng Roots #3 by Craig Thompson (Uncivilized) $6

Become #2 & #3 by Daimon Hampton $3 each

Night Things by Alaina Ewins $3

Black Belt #1 by Matt Bellisle $3

Terrible Things Happen Here by Tor War $12

Heavy Blue by Taylor Chiu $10

Feral Comics #1 A Comic Zine Anthology Filled With Underground Comics From Around The World $3

Please Take Me Seriously by Sam Hoffman $4

Forgettable Garbage: A Zine Anthology $5

Graphic Novels

J&K by John Pham (Fantagraphics) $39.99

How Do You Smoke a Weed? by Owlin (Iron Circus) $10

The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack (10th Anniversary Edition) by Nicholas Gurewitch (Dark Horse) $24.99

Music & Film Books

Soulside: Washington, DC, 1986–1989 by Alexis Fleisig (Akashic) $30 – By the drummer of the Dischord Records band Soulside.

The Science of Women in Horror: The Special Effects, Stunts, and True Stories Behind Your Favorite Fright Films by Meg Hafdahl and Kelly Florence $14.99


Fuck Happiness: How Women Are Ditching the Cult of Positivity and Choosing Radical Joy by Ariel Gore (Microcosm) $16.95

Self-Care Down There: From Menstrual Cups and Moisturizers to Body Positivity and Brazilian Wax, a Guide to Your Vagina’s Well-Being by Taq Kaur Bhandal (aka @imwithperiods) $15.99

The Autism Handbook: Understand Its Many Intricacies by Joe Biel and Faith G. Harper (Microcosm) $4


Comma Optional by Edward J. Herdrich $7

Age of Unreason: The X Gang by Warren Kinsella $14.99

For the Kiddies

Missing Daddy by Mariame Kaba, illustrated by bria royal (Haymarket) $16.95

Michelle Tea’s Astro Pals series, illustrated by Mike Perry: Libra: Decisions, Decisions & Scorpio Berry Intense $18.95 each

Tabitha and Magoo Dress Up Too (Drag Queen Story Hour Books) by Michelle Tea, illustrated by Ellis van der Does (Feminist Press) $17.95

Third Coast Review Lit Editor Looking For Stuff to Review

Quimby’s friend Dan Kelly (@mrdankelly) is the lit editor for the Third Coast Review and is looking for your books, zines, and lit-related announcements for consideration/review.

Snail mail: Dan Kelly – Third Coast Review, P.O. Box 744, Highland Park, IL 60035

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New Stuff This Week


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New stuff get in here! #quimbys

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They Died As They Lived by Zine Club Chicago $3

Betraying Authority: Fragments on Queer Art by Noah LeBien (Gender Fail Press) $12

The Wonder of It All #2 Downwards Mobility $3

Homespun Holler Jan 20 by Grant $2

La Jeunesse Est Une Arme $3

CrewD Up by Bryanna Bennett $12

An Ignorant Past vol 1 by Wilder & Alexander Mouton $5

Homocats Hardcore XXX $12

Nature Based Self Care – How to Use Herbal Medicine by Kuwa Jasiri Indomela $3.33

Overdue vol 1 by Tiffany Day $3

Roasting Coffee at Home an Intro $2

Uppercase Lowercase by Be Oakley $12

Comics & Minis

Bubbles #5 $6

Pest by Finn Walker $3

Denim Rider by Jason Lips $9

Endless Filth Anthology #1 by Clint Williams $7

Rimeski Comics #2 $3

Starseed and Her Psychic Warriors by Sophia Pierre $15.50

Infinite Wheat Paste #9 + #10 by Pidge $5 each

Forever and Everything #5 by Kyle Bravo $5

Blood in the Water AKA Misguided Attempts at Fishkeeping by Axel Moon $8

Graphic Novels

Year of the Rabbit by Tian Veasna (D+Q) $29.95

The Nib Magazine #5 Animals by Matt Bors $14.95

Haunted by Hannah Lund & Illustrated by Adelaide Grosse $15

Comics Ad Men by Steven Brower (Fantagraphics Underground) $25

Politics & Revolution Books

Four-Year Depression: (even Though They Voted for You-Know-who) by Billy McCall $10

Beyond the Periphery of the Skin: Rethinking, Remaking, and Reclaiming the Body in Contemporary Capitalism by Silvia Federici (PM Press) $15.95

Building Free Life: Dialogues with Öcalan edited by International Initiative Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan?Peace in Kurdistan (PM Press) $20

Race Man: Selected Works of Julian Bond, 1960-2015 edited by Michael G. Long (City Lights) $22.95

Art Books

Hung, Drawn and Executed: The Horror Art of Graham Humphreys (Korero) $45

Essay Books

The Faraway Nearby by Rebecca Solnit $17

Selling Dead People’s Things: Inexplicably True Tales, Vintage Fails & Objects of Objectionable Estates by Duane Scott Cerny $14.95

The Contact Paradox: Challenging our Assumptions in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Keith Cooper $28


Me and Mr. Cigar by Gibby Haynes $18.99

The Inhabited Island by Arkady & Boris Strugatsky $19.99

Vacuum In the Dark by Jen Beagin $16

Hark by Sam Lipsyte $17


Surviving Climate Change And Other Disasters: Practical Tips, Skills, Careers, Illustrations, And Activist Resources by Sage Liskey $22

Be Awake Create by Rebekah Younger $19.95

Weedopedia: An A to Z Guide to All Things Marijuana $14.99

Outer Limits

Allow Me to Introduce: An Insider’s Guide to the Occult by Lon Milo DuQuette $19.95

The Magic of Marie Laveau: Embracing the Spiritual Legacy of the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans by Denise Alvarado $16.95


Shots #146 winter $10

Lit Journals & Chap Books

The First Line vol 21 #4 winter $8

Split in Blue by Mary Parker Wolffe $4

Amy Lockhart & Maggie Umber Signing, March 12th

7:00 pm

Local treasures, Amy Lockhart and Maggie Umber join forces to celebrate new works at Quimby’s! Animator and cartoonist Amy Lockhart (aka Amy Logheart) will read from and sign her new book, Ditch Life, an absurdist black comedy published via Fantagraphics FU Press imprint. Ditch Life tells the tale of two luckless ditch dwellers as they navigate a shape-shifting pizza box, a botched lobotomy, Hollywood betrayal, celebrity obsession, wealth disparity, and a brood of maggot children who just want to be loved!  The book is published in full-color hardcover and also includes a fold-out board game, Females As: Furniture!

Amy Lockhart is a filmmaker, animator and artist. Her animations have screened internationally, including the Whitney, NY, British Film Institute, N.Y. Anthology Film Archives, Carnegie Mellon, GLAS Animation Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Hiroshima International Animation Festival and The Ottawa International Animation Festival. Lockhart has received fellowship at the National Film Board of Canada and support from the Canada Council for the Arts. She has completed residencies at Calgary’s Quickdraw Animation Society, Struts Gallery, and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her drawings, comics and paintings have been published by Fantagraphics (Ditch Life, 2019), Drawn & Quarterly (Dirty Dishes, 2009), and by Colour Code (Looking Inward), 2016.

Maggie Umber paints, prints and programs comics and she’s a co-Founder of the alternative comics publishing label 2dcloud. She’s published three graphic novels with 2dcloud (Sound of Snow Falling, Time Capsule and 270°) and her work has been widely anthologized. She’ll be signing a new story, “The Intoxicated” in Now: The New Anthology #8, which will debut at the event and also includes new work from Zuzu, Noah Van Sciver, Tara Booth, and others!

“[Ditch Life] is legitimately armed and even dangerous stuff, with its barbs aimed at entirely deserving targets.” –Daily Grindhouse

“Maggie Umber is one of the unsung heroes of art comics.” –Sequential State

For more info:

Facebook Event Invite

Thursday, March 12th, 7pm – Free Event

Transylvanian Mystic Isabelle Rizo Reads Tarot at Quimby’s, Feb 11th

6:00 pm

In this evening of exploring Tarot with Transylvanian Mystic, Hypnotist, and Artist Isabelle Rizo learn what the tarot cards will tell you. Having used tarot since 2014 as a way to ground herself on her travels she found the collective unconscious easily mirrored through her own experience.You can bring a simple question and we have a conversation with the cards, or bring something that you need specific guidance on. Isabelle’s readings are inspired by her Romanian upbringing, using Eastern European folk stories, symbolism, and ethnographic influences to give nuanced readings and performances. 

“Isabelle witnesses and holds safe space wherever she goes.” –Emily Stroia, Author of Into the Light

Isabelle has been featured in such places as: Atlas Obscura, Prague College, The Whoroscope Witch Podcast, and was hired by GOOP as a resident tarot reader. Way Cool Magazine. She is the resident tarot teacher at Inner Sense Healing Arts where she teaches every Wednesday night in Chicago. Her work and workshops have also been featured at Occult of the Bazaar, She Spoke International Art Exhibition, and Sideshow Gallery. She runs her hypnosis practice with a group of amazing diverse and queer therapists at Art of Balance in Chicago as well Head Facilitator of The Coven which is an online and offline group of artists, healers, and liminal space dwellers with international and local members. 

Readings $5 – $25

For more info visit

Facebook Event Invite here.

Tuesday, February 11th, 6pm