Weekly Top 10

Tao Lin Endorses Jeffrey Brown's Clumsy

Tao Lin Endorses Jeffrey Brown's Clumsy

1. Richard Yates by Tao Lin (Melville) $14.95

2. Friends Make the Best Medicine by The Icarus Project $2.50

3. Juxtapoz #117 Oct 10 $5.99

4. Big Questions #14 Title and Deed by Anders Nilsen (D+Q) $7.95

5. Cabinet #38 Islands $12.00 – No man is an island, but this issue of Cabinet may be.

6. List #14 Fine For Now by Ramsey $4.00 – Reasons to love the new issue of List: *The drawings just keep getting better,*Highly logical, yet intimately personal *Good times, good foods, good dogs *Stories broken down and organized into compelling, must-read-more formats *Dreams, plans and schemes plotted in charming detail *Homemade geography and chronology charts all woven gracefully into list-making *Heartmending *Listy, yet non-hierarchical *Best one yet.

7. Proximity #7 A Catalog of Strategies $12.00 – An Art Communi-que on the Communit-tay- Chicago-centric yet limitless in scope, this issue is a Catalog of Strategies, split nicely between a recource/contact directory and focus articles pertaining to group and interventionist art. Useful on all fronts, and tremendously engaging too. -EF

8. Prison Pit Book 2 by Johnny Ryan (Fantagraphics) $12.99

9. If Youre Feeling Sinister by Scott Plagenhoef (Continuum) $12.95 – If You’re Feeling Sinister includes interviews with band members, producers, management, and a range of fans, and provides perspective on how Belle & Sebastian transformed themselves, over the space of a decade, from an underground, slightly shambolic cult secret into a polished, highly entertaining, mainstream pop group.

10. Maximumrocknroll #330 Fall 10 $4.00