Weekly Top 10

1. Femme a Barbe vol 2 by by J. Bee $2.00 – True tangles of bearded ladies, gender reformations, hirsute identity and all permutations of feminine stubble, well worth a thorough comb-through. -EF

2. King Cat #72 by John Porcellino $3.00 – Porcellino feels out the fall apart as life unravels…and unravels some more….the first half of this issue travels through some solitudes and stillnesses. An LSD story rustles the banches a little and punctuates a South Beloit diary. Also squirrely letters and bat dancers. Understated, quietly eloquent comics… but you already knew that, right? -EF

3. Monkey In the Basement and Other Delusions by Corinne Mucha (Retrofit) $5.00 – Mucha’s got this special brand of world-enhancing “deductive reasoning” paired with an uncanny untuition – part clown, part private eye, thoroughly entertaining. -EF

4. Gary Book 2 by Tyrell Cannon $7.00

5. Maximumrocknroll #345 Feb 12 $4.00

6. Food Stamp Foodie #1 A Mini Zine of Inexpensive Vegan Cookery by Virginia $2.00

7. Truckface #15 by LB $3.00

8. Bitch #53 $5.95

9. Mojo #219 Feb 12 $9.99

10. Grantland Quarterly vol 1 $25.00 – Grantland #1 is the McSweeney’s launch of a physical sports magazine geared for folks who like multiform sports, McSweeney’s writers and blogs you can hold. You know who you are. -EF