New Stuff 11/17/07

Huge two-week update seems our computer decided to take a quick vacation before the holiday melee begins. So here we are back up on line and with a new exclusive item only available at Quimby’s!!!!

New Stuff Nov 17th

East Village Inky #36 $3.00
Dungeon Majesty #1 Nice zine from the art collective!
Hi Fructose #6 $6.95 best Selling Toy Mag!
Yoga Moves For Dudes #1 $3.00
Fantastic Furs For Females and Fags #1 $3.00
Murder of Crows #2 $3.00 Anarchy!
Nites Out #2 $6.00 Nice Graff mag!
Laterborn #5 $2.00
Meniscus #15 $3.00
Bachelor Pad Magazine #1 Fal 07 $4.00 Retro babes and atomic era new school!
Believer #49 Nov 07 $10.00 with free temp tattoos
Bust Dec 07 $4.99
Make #12 $14.99
Mass Appeal #48 $4.99
Juxtapoz #83 $4.99
High Time Jan 08 $4.99
Tape Op #62 $4.50
Adbusters #75 $8.95
Gothic Lolita and Punk Brand Book Summer Fall $32.99
IDN 14.5 Art Director Issue $15.00

Comics & Graphic Novels
Meatcake #16 by Dame Darcy $3.95
You Dont Get There From Here #5 by Carrie McNinch $2.00
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier HC $29.99
Slade vs the Monkeys $6.99 Collection of Rock Caricatures
Others by Will Dinski$5.00
Shooting War HC $21.99
Remembrance of Things Past Part III Swann In Love vol 1 $16.95
Palestine The Special Edition HC by Joe Sacco $29.95
Tank Girl The Gifting TPB $17.99
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Panel to Panel $19.95
Ex Machina vol 6 Power Down $12.99 Brian K Vaughn’s other comic!
Fables #67 The Good Prince $2.99
Zombies Calling $9.95 Even Slave Labor wants part of that Zombie Money!

New Books
Vice Photo Book $45.00 Coffee table book for the Roofie generation!
Photographs by Sam Prekop $30.00 with new music CD!
50 Facts that Should Change the World Revised 2nd Edition $14.95
Against the Day SC by Pynchon $18.00
My Mother Wears Combat Boots $16.95 Mama book for the punkers and norms!
Chainbreaker Bike Book $14.00 The zine is now a book!
Who’s Afraid of Marie Curie $15.95 Women in Science and Tech.
Words In Your Face $17.95 Slam Poetry!?!
Imaginationally $14.95 Michaels Lovable Fun of Dictionaries
Making a Killing $17.95 Political Economy of Animal Rights
I Am America And So Can You HC by Stephen Colbert $26.99
Paris Cafe Select Crowd $17.95
Morrissey In Conversation $19.95
Take One $24.99 Clip art book with CD-ROM
Tribal Tattoo Designs From Indonesia $17.99 with CD-ROM of designs
Office Mayhem $15.95 Handbook For Practical Anarchy in the Workplace
Japanamerica $14.95 How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded the US
Free For All $21.95 Oddballs Geeks and Gangstas in the Public Library
Classic Cocktails A Modern Shake $19.95 with illustrations from Seth
Products For A Happy Life $9.95
Born Standing Up by Steve Martin $25.00
Alternative Vegan $17.95
Big Red Songbook $24.00 250 Plus IWW Songs
Politics of Immigration $11.95
We Will Return in the Whirlwind $18.00 Black Radical Organizations 1960-1975
Gynocide $14.95 Hysterectomy Capitalist Patriarchy and the Medical Abuse of Women
Blue Eyed Devil $14.95 Road Odyssey Through Islamic America
Inside Lebanon $14.95 Journey to a Shattered Land
Provo $14.95 Amsterdam’s Anarchist Revolt
Akiba by PM $15.95 a Gnostic Novel
Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars $12.00
Cinema Now $39.99 With DVD
Black Ink $39.95 illustrations by ATA
Satanic Scriptures $15.95
Serial Killers $15.95 Up Close and Personal
Street Magic $12.95 Street Tricks Sleight of Hand and Illusion
Mammoth Book of Insults $14.95
Blackwater $26.95 Rise of the Worlds Most Powerful Mercenary Army
New Brunswick New Jersey Goodbye $16.00 Basement bands!
Tempting Tempeh $10.50
Framing The Black Panthers HC $35.00
House That Trane Built SC $18.95

Erotica Porn Comics and Smut
They Shoot Homos Don’t They #004 $11.50
AG Comic #69 $4.99
Male Multiple Orgasm $13.95
Dick Tricks $9.95 Art and Science of Genital Sculpturing

Certain Days 2008 Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar $15.00
Vegan Cooking for Animal Lovers DVD $18.99
Illeagle Live At the White House 7″ $3.00 Al Burian bombing, for real!