New Stuff 4/12/08


Wow the free area is bursting with fat new issues of Vice, ANP Quarterly and Lumpen. So even if the purse strings are a little tight we got you covered this misty gray day. If you got dough then we got the fancy new Gary Panter book in stock and the new issues of Kevin Huizenga’s Ganges #2, plus new issues of Handbook and GLU if you swing that way. Whoa!

New Stuff Apr 12th 2008

Temporary Conversations Kawabata Makoto $2.00 Acid Mothers Temple!!!
After Hours #16 Win 08 $8.00
Headpress #27 This is Not Headpress $19.95
CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #5 $1.50 Iran Contra gets blown open!
Dwell May 08 $5.99
Colors #73 $7.95
Artforum Apr 08 $10.00
Liquid Cheese #28 $3.00 Horror Fanzine!
Ufo Magazine #143 Vol 23 #2 $5.99
Scars Apr May 08 $5.95
Z Magazine Apr 08 $4.95
Adbusters #77 $8.95
Mass Appeal #50 $4.99 Chicago’s Cool Kids are up in here!
Under the Radar Spr 08 $4.99
2600 the Hacker Quarterly Spring 08 $6.25

Comics & Graphic Novels
Ganges #2 by Kevin Huizenga $7.95
Invincible Summer Anthology vol 2 $14.00
Slowboke One Nation Oh My God by Jen Sorensen $13.95
Famous Names & Faces by Andy Burkholder $4.00
Lung Damage #1 $6.00 Crazy arty mini comic
Hyperbox #2 $3.00 Local arty comic madness
Art Tatum by Joey Jacks $.80
Willie & Joe The WWII Years $65.00
Serenity #2 $2.99 Better Days Continues
Castle Waiting #11 $3.95
Whatever by Karl Stevens $9.95
Chocolate Milk And Doughnut Doodles by Alex Chiu $9.99
Howie Action Comix $15.00
Daddys Girl by Debbie Dreschcler $14.95
Education of Hopey Glass by Jaime Hernandez $19.99
God Save The Queen by Mike Carey $12.99 Now in soft cover
Jesus Hates Zombies $14.95
Funeral of the Heart by Leah Hayes $14.95
Most Outrageous by Bob Levin $19.99

New Books
Gary Panter $95.00 2 Volume slip cased collection of his art!!!!
Hot Rods by Ed Big Daddy Roth $24.95 Amazing custom Hot Rods!
Welcome To The Dahl House by Ken Dahl $7.00
Train Wreck Girl by Sean Carswell $14.95
Jumbo $23.95 True Story of the World’s Greatest Elephant
View From The Seventh Layer HC by Kevin Brockmeier $21.95
Worlds Away $34.95
Snowmen by David Lynch $20.00
Loser Take All $14.95 Election Fraud And The Subversion of Democracy
100 Days of Monsters $19.99 with Monsters in Motion DVD
Son of Pop by Ron English $24.95
Iggy Pop Open Up and Bleed $14.95 now in softcover!

Erotica Porn Comics and Smut
Girls Like Us Spr 08 #7 The lesbian “butt” keeps it coming!
Handbook Vol 2 #2 2008 $6.00 Hot indy gay boys get naked!
Garage Sex $12.00 Old school hot man on man one being a pierced cop action!
Geisha X #66 $6.95 A French? Henti mag? Yeah I’m confused too!

Assorted Pork Themed Buttons by David Shrigley $2.00
X Ray Visions DVD $12.00 with bonus audio CD!
Still We Ride DVD $14.00
Sublime Stitching Craft Pad $12.95 75 Embroidery Patterns