New Stuff 9/29/07

Well as September draws to a close the fall season onslaught keeps on coming, like a field of zombies in the new volume of Walking Dead, or like page after page of comic goodness in the Best American Comics 2007. Now if only the zine and mini comics would start pouring in we’d be in lit overload heaven!

New New New 9/29/07

Shadow #52 $1.00
Doc Chowders Homebrew Kombucha $4.00 Ferment that tea yo self!
Comedians Sep Oct 07 $4.50
Ready Made #31 $4.99
Heeb #14 $5.99
Razorcake #40 $4.00
Maximumrocknroll #293 $4.00
Bite Me #19 $9.95
In These Times Oct 07 $3.50
Radical Philosophy #145 $11.00
Parfait #3 $5.00
First Line vol 9 #3 $3.00

Comics & Graphic Novels
Best American Comics 2007 guest edited by Chris Ware $22.00
Walking Dead TPB vol 7 The Calm Before $12.99
Speak of the Devil #2 by Gilbert Hernandez $3.50
Alan Moore On His Work and Career $22.95
Byron Mad Bad and Dangerous vol 1 $10.95
Aranzi Machine Gun vol 3 $9.95
Simpsons Comics #134 $2.99

New Books
One Hundred And Forty Five Stories In A Small Box $25.00 three books one by Eggers!
Dogs I Have Met by Ken Foster $14.95 Author is coming to the store in October!
Tokyo Underground Toy and Design Culture In Tokyo $19.95
Hiding Out by Jonathan Messinger $13.95
Matchbook Indian Matchbox Labels $19.95
Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl by Barry Lyga $8.99
Scouts In Bondage And Other Violations Of Literary Propriety $15.00
Designers Toolkit $29.95 500 Grid and Style Sheets!
Chinese Posters $19.95 Art From the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
Portable Queer Homo History $12.95 Pocket book of the big events!
Secret Life of Houdini $16.00 Making of Americas First Superhero
Flying Close to the Sun by Cathy Wilkerson $26.95 Weathermen memior
Beyond the Green Zone by Dahr Jamai $20.00 Foreward by Amy Goodman
Encyclopedia of Gangsters $24.99 Worldwide Guide to Organized Crime
Freedom From Want by Edward Gresser $15.95
Mammoth Book Of Bikers $14.99
Handbook on Hanging by Charles Duff $12.95
Not That You Asked by Steve Almond $21.95 Rants and more!
Boy by Takeshi Kitano $17.95
Horror in the Museum by Lovecraft and more $16.95 24 Chilling Tales
Thunderstruck SC by Erik Larson $14.95
New Vintage Type edited by Steven Heller $39.95
Frankenstein by Mary Shelly $15.00 cover by Dan Clowes
Dead Guy Interviews by Michael Stusser $14.00

Erotica Porn Comics and Smut
Spread vol 3 #2 $5.95
Fetish Bubblegirls Worldwide Bubblegirls Photograffitis by Tilt $24.95
Boobs a Guide to Your Girls $15.95
Innocence $14.95 manga porn

Gifts Cds and Accessories for Hip Life Styles
Apart From That $39.99 DVD & Book
Chuchay Doll Small & Large $20 & $40 each
Now Apart But Together Soon Blank Journal $9.95 art by Jordan Crane
Qee Series 5 Designer Collection $7.00
Graffiti Card $3.00 Blank cards with graffiti on them
Cd Packaging Kit $15.95 Kits with stickers envelopes and more.