New Stuff This Week

The Chicagoan #1 $19.95 – This issue marks the public (re)launch of The Chicagoan, a 194-page magazine with articles, artwork and photographs, and no advertising, with arts, culture, innovators and history of Chicago and its surroundings. Originally it was a magazine modeled after the New Yorker, and was published from June 1926 until April 1935. Right now it’s only in a few locations in Chicago. We just got another stack of them after selling double digits in less than a week. Better hustle!

Zines & Zine-Related Books
19 Keep Hoping Machine Running by Julia #1 ($4.00), #2 ($5.00)
Cloud Factory #1 by Ryan Homsley and Laura Walker $4.00
One More For the People: A Somnambulist Collection by Martha Grover $16.00
Paint and Prints Crafty and Thrifty Fashions by M. Miller $10.00
KerBloom #94 Jan Feb 12 by Artnoose $2.00
Good News #1 – Brick Wall Breaks Silence…$3.00
Weirdo Du Jour by Krystle Ratticus $2.50 – A Chicago greasy spoon update, complete with coffee cup rim stain. Let’s hear it for diners!
Rumlad #5 by Steve Larder $5.00

Comics & Comix
Eyeball Comix #3 $7.50
Robbie and Bobby TPB #1 by Jason Poland $15.00
various Caitlin Cass’ Great Moments in Western Civilization
Art Appreciation vol 1 Old Guitarist by Kirsten Valentine $2.00
Three Brews vol 1 Meet the Brews by Karen Tinney $5.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Is That All There Is by Joost Swarte (Fantagraphics) $35.00
Amazing Mysteries the Bill Everett Archives vol 1 by Bill Everett and Blake Bell (Fantagraphics) $39.99
My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf (Abrams) $17.95 – A fancy reissue but now with extra material. Derf was sort of friends with Dahmer in high school. An intimate look. Edie wrote a nice review of it on our website which you can read here (and order the book too).

Regular Man TPB by Dina Kelberman $15.00
Goliath by Tom Gauld (D&Q) $19.95
Shuteye: Six Tales of Dreams and Dreamers by Sarah Becan $20.00 – We backed this on Kickstarter. Now we are excited to show you what we spent our bucks on! It’s a beauty.
Astonishing X-Men Ultimate Collection vol 1 by Joss Whedon et. al (Marvel) $29.99 – Collects issues #1-#12.
Madwoman of the Sacred Heart by Jodorowsky and Moebius (Humanoids) $24.95
Kolor Klimax Nordic Comics Now (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Art & Design Books
Madness by Anna Rae Landsman $45.00

Stone Animals by Kelly Link (Madras Press) $9.00 – This special edition of Kelly Link’s ‘Stone Animals’ comes with a letterpressed cover (in blue or brown) and interior illustrations by a number of authors, artists, critics, and fans, including Lisa Brown, Lilli Carré, Anthony Doerr, Lev Grossman, Daniel Handler, Paul Hornschemeier, Ursula K. Le Guin, Laura Miller, Audrey Niffenegger, Tao Nyeu, Arthur Phillips, and Lane Smith.”

Man Who Danced With Dolls by Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams $7.00
Tales Told In Oz by Gregory Macguire (Madras) $8.00 – As in, from the guy who wrote the original book of Wicked, but this small 5″x5″ novella is a fundrasier, on a small independent publisher.

Human Soul As a Rube Goldberg Device by Kevin Brockmeier (Madras) $8.00 – From the author of the amazing Brief History Of The Dead and View From The Seventh Layer.

Mayhem, Miscreants, Memoirs & Misc
Six Fairy Tales From the Brothers Grimm, with illustrations by David Hockney $25.00
I Am The Market: How to Smuggle Cocaine by the Ton in Five Easy Lessons by Luca Rastello $13.00 – Perhaps this belongs in the DIY section? Har.
Mammoth Book of Conspiracies by Jon E. Lewis $13.95
Yeah No Totally by Lisa Wells $10.00
Revolution: The Year I Fell In Love and Went to Join the Sandinistas by Deb Olin Unferth (SMP) $14.99 – When the hard cover of this book came out, Deb Olin Unferth did a reading here at Quimby’s. She was hilarious and poetic, and you can watch a short clip of it here on You Tube. Now this book is in soft cover.
The End of Money: Counterfeiters, Preachers, Techies, Dreamers and the Coming Cashless Society by David Wolman (Da Capo) $25.00 – What would be awesome is if you came in right now and bought this book and paid with cash. But we will accept your so called “credit card” too.

Ageplay From Diapers to Diplomas by Paul Rulof $19.95

Music Books
Muses Go To School: Inspiring Stories About the Importance of Arts In Education by Herbert Kohl et. al (New Press) $26.95

The Believer #87 Feb 12 Mouthcrop $8.00
Bizarre #185 Mar 12 $10.50
True Crime Feb 12 $8.99
High Times Apr 12 $5.99
ArtForum Feb 12 $10.00
Art Es #47 International Contemporary Art $10.00
Wire #336 Feb 12 $9.99
Magnet #84 $4.99
Tattoo Revolution Feb 12 #14 $11.75
Inked Mar 12 #43 $6.99

Literary Journals, Poetry & Chap Books
Gigantic Sequins vol 3 #1 $5.00
Closer to the Earth Poems by Lynn Fitzgerald $8.00
Overtime Hour 23 – A Days Wages and the Old System and the New by Mark W. Jones $2.00
Poems For Paper by Vincent O’Brien $5.00

Other Stuff
Everything Is Terrible Presents: Doggie Woggiez Poochie Woochiez DVD $20.00 – More edited found footage craziness from those weirdo WIT allstar kids, a group known for making piles of Jerry McGuire VHS tapes in the window of Odd Obsessions. We are SUPER EXCITED that they have something new. I know what I’m doing this weekend.

Schizcago DVD $30 – The Chicago-based director dropped these DVDs off yesterday and recorded a special message that talks to you when you open the box, each box has a different recording…Because the box is a circuit bent instrument with a knob to control the pitch where can record whatever you want over it. And then there’s the DVD containing a romantic-comedyesque movie.

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