New Stuff This Week

How to Build an Android: The True Story of Philip K. Dick’s Robotic Resurrection by David F. Dufty – Popular science approach to explaining cutting-edge technology in robotics and artificial intelligence, written by a researcher at the University of Memphis Institute of Intelligent Systems who was present when a fully functional head of the android replica of Philip K. Dick android was being built.

Zines and Zine-Related Books
Our Inalienable Rights by Dan Gleason and Theresa Currie $2.00 – Here cums Dan Gleason again, makin’ us all Gleaful!

More zines from Carrie – My Aim Is True #6 – You Are Not Alone – Internet Dating Can Be Kind of Icky, Dear Mom I’m Not Gay I Ain’t Straight Either Though Love, Carrie.
Kiss off #14 $2.00
Snapshots by Marc Calvary $1.00
Roll by Sarah Sorg $3.00

Comics & Comix
Sonatina Comics #1 by Aidan Koch, Andy Burkholder, Blaise Larmee et al. $10.00
Pie #1 a Cryptic Pilgrimage to the Nucleus of Joy by Steven Cerio $2.95
Laskimooses #3 Kiertavat Pelko Ja Kauhu by Herra Matti Hagelbergin $7.00
Laskimooses #4 Paiva Tahraa Aamun by Herra Matti Hagelbergin $7.00
From Me To Thee by Sandra Sierra $4.00
So Buttons #4 Most Exciting Autobiographical Minicomic by Jonathan Baylis et al. $6.00
So Buttons MoCCA Edition Teeth of a Terrier by Jonathan Baylis et al. $1.00
Melinderly #1 by Melinda Tracy Boyce $12.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
Birdseye Bristoe: An Inventions and How To Book by Dan Zettwoch (D&Q) $19.95 – Don’t miss Dan Zettwoch here at Quimby’s with Kevin Huizenga on June 15th.
City Troll by Aaron Whitaker $15.00
Mr. Twee Deedle: The Forgotten Fantasy Masterpiece Raggedy Anns Sprightly Cousin by Johnny Gruelle and Rick Marschall (Fantagraphics) $75.00
Ed the Happy Clown: A Graphic Novel by Chester Brown (D&Q) $24.95
DMZ vol 12 Five Nations of New York TPB by Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli $14.99
Koma by Pierre Wazem (Humanoids) $29.95
Walking Dead TPB vol 16 A Larger World by Robert Kirkman $14.99
Flex Mentallo – Man of Muscle Mystery Deluxe Edition by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely $22.99
Chew vol 4 TPB Flambe by John Layman and Rob Guillory $12.99

Art & Design
Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes by Michael Cho (D&Q) $19.95
Art of Molly Crabapple vol 1 Week In Hell (IDW) $9.99

Literary Journals, Poetry & Chap Books
New Poems in Georgia Font by Caleb Bouchard $5.00
Cuntfessions Trans Queer Poems by h Melt $5.00
Rattling Wall #1 Spr 11 and Rattling Wall #2 Win 12 $18.95 each
Willow Springs #70 $10.00
Memoir #10 Prose Poetry Photography and More $12.00
Coffin Factory #3 $9.00
Creative Nonfiction #44 Spr 12 $10.00
Verse vol 28 #1 #2 $8.00

Sex & Sexy
Motel Fetish by Chas Ray Krider $17.99

Soul of a Whore and Purvis Two Plays in Verse by Denis Johnson $20.00
Eat Hell by Joseph Mattson $5.00
Resistance by G D Brennan III $18.26

Music Books
Big Day Coming: Yo La Tengo and the Rise of Indie Rock by Jesse Jarnow $18.00

Mayhem, Miscreants, Memoirs & Misc
Nerd Do Well: A Small Boys Journey to Becoming a Big Kid by Simon Pegg $18.00 – Now in soft cover.
We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyber Insurgency by Parmy Olson $26.99

Politics & Revolution
Troublemaker: A Memoir from the Front Lines of the Sixties by Bill Zimmerman $16.95

Juxtapoz #138 Jul 12 $5.99
Raw Vision #75 $14.00
Nico #6 2012: Confessions Eroticism in Media $34.99
Skateboarders Journal vol 1 #2 Spr Sum $8.95
Taproot #2 $9.00 – New ad-free quarterly magazine celebrating local living through writing, photography and the arts, both fine and domestic.
Big Takeover #70 $5.99
Chips and Beer #3 $7.00
Under the Radar #41 $5.99
Ugly Things #33 $9.95
Maximumrocknroll #349 Jun 12 $4.00
Hip Mama #52 $5.95
Radical History Review Spr 12 $14.00
In These Times Jun 12 $3.50
Travel Naturally #83 $9.95
Tattoo Nature Special #7 From Tattoo Life $9.99
Xalt vol 1 #2 $5.95