New Stuff This Week


Ganges #3 by Kevin Huizenga (Fantagraphics) $7.95

Paper Politics Socially Engaged Printmaking Today, ed. by Josh MacPhee (PM Press) $24.95 – Former local stencil activist, artist and archiver, Josh MacPhee, his most recent art book

Muck #3 In the Time of Swine Flu zine by Necio $2.00

Homeless Souls chap book by Jake Anderson $18.00

Art XX Radical Arts Magazine #2 $14.00

Logan Square Literary Review #1, ed. by Daniel Majid $5.00

David Novak Bundle: Against Holy War Sonnets Embodiment and Release Souls Refinement Requiem (poetry) $5.00

Hold On To Your Dreams Arthur Russell and the Downtown Music Scene 1973-1992 by Tim Lawrence (Duke University Press) $23.95

Drawing Autism by Jill Mulin (Mark Batty) $34.95

Face Food: Recipies A How-to Guide by Christopher D. Salyers (Mark Batty) $14.95 – Asian food made into cute faces of things. Super cute!

Eagle Annual: The Best of the 1960s Comic, ed. by Daniel Tatarsky (Orion) $19.95

Doris Danger: Giant Monster Adventures by Chris Wisnia (SLG) $9.95

Hot Moms  #13 by Rebecca (Eros) $4.95

Saga of the Swamp Thing Book Two by Alan Moore and Stephen Bissette (Vertigo) $24.99 – Fancy hardcover volume.

Proper Go Well High (graphic novel) by Oliver East (Blank Slate) $19.99

Sparky O’Hare Master Electrician (graphic novel) by Mawil (Reprodukt) $8.99

Magazine The Biography by Helen Chase (Norrthumbria Press) $19.95 – As in, Magazine the band.

How To Rap: The Art and Science of the Hip Hop MC – Advice and Guidance From Exclusive Interviews With More Than 100 Artists by Paul Edwards (Chicago Review Press) $12.95 – Insert funny rhyming witticism here.

Art That Creeps: Gothic Fantasies and the Macabre In Contemporary Art by Yasha Young (Korero) $35.00

Sun King: The Life and Times of Sam Philips the Man Behind Sun Records by Kevin Crouch and Tanja Crouch (Piatkus) $14.95

Frieze #127 Nov Dec 09 (art magazine) $10.00

Shindig vol 2 #13 Nov Dec 09 $9.99

Dangerous Ink #4 $6.00

Tape Op #74 $4.50

Angry Violist zine $2.00

Goodbye For Now Squirrel: A Story of Friendship zine by Leslie Perinne $2.00

Lonely Hippopotomous zine by Leslie Perinne $2.00

Rapture For the Geeks When AI Outsmarts IQ by Richard Dooling (Three Riv) $14.00

Remember the Alamo: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About American History With All the Boring Bits Taken Out by Alison Rattle and Allison Vale (Delacorte) $16.00

Spirit vol 4 by Will Eisner (DC) $19.99

I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir by Mickey Leigh and Legs McNeil (Touchstone) $26.00

Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour by David Bianculli (Touchstone) $24.99

We Feel Fine: An Almanac of Human Emotion (photo book) by Sep Kamvar and Jonathan Harris (Scribner) $30.00

Winterings chap book by Jay Krevins $4.00

Powdered Milk #1 mini comic by Keiler Roberts $2.50

Calendar 2010 by Nathan Veach $6.00 – Of Moist Ladies fame.

I Am Alive More Soon Please Stay Tuned zine by Thad Kellstadt and various $4.00