New Stuff This Week

Angry Violist #2

Angry Violist #2


Angry Violist #2 Adventures in Alternative String Playing by the Angry Violinist $3.00 – Thee premiere mini-zine talking about experimental, radical, and punk approaches to playing classy stringed instruments!

Your Secret Face by Erin Marie Gigi $10.00 – This drawing portfolio has some jazzy colored pencil work and includes a paper glory hole.

New York City Photographs From the Empire by Matt Handy $6.00

All Things Ordinary #1 by Derek Neuland $2.00

shortandqueer #11 The Best Thing That Happened Today Was May Dec 08, shortandqueer #12 Menstruation Not Punctuation Periods by Kelly Shortandqueer, both $1.00 each

Foto Zine vol 3 #5 Accidents by Erik van der Weijde $5.50

I Have A Song For You, Stories by Bucket Siler $3.00 – Matter-of-fact letters and soy-milky stories about living. From the author of Potentially Heartwrenching Distractions.

Ruthless Zine #2 Noodz $7.00 – A shock and awe zine of vile and illicit photography.

Overtime Hour 11 In Service of Man by Terese Pampellonne $2.00 – From the makers of The First Line. Stories of work.

Young is Dumb #3 by Wesley Stokes $5.00 – Collaged Workout Crotch. “Just in time for Valentine’s Day.”


Adventures of Apple and Banana $3.00 – Silly!

Entropy Part Four by Aaron Costain $4.00

Cheetahs Never Win #3 by Steve Reeder $5.00

Mods vs Rockers #2: Street Fighting Man $3.00

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep #8 $3.99

Inner You Tube by Matt Thurber $1.00 – You would think it’s just a witty title, but the comic is actually about the “Inner YouTube”. Sorta.

Misseen by Sarah Welch and James Beard $15.00

Adventures of My Life: Summer 2009 Autobiographic by Adam Matthew Roob $4.00

Graphic Novels/Trade Paperbacks

Newave The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s HC, ed. by Michael Dowers (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Dirty Dishes (Petite Livre Series) by Amy Lockhart (D+Q) $14.95

World War Robot HC by Ashley Wood and TP Louise (IDW) $29.99

Afrodisiac by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca (Adhouse) $14.95

Thirteen Going on Eighteen by John Stanley (D+Q) $24.95

Chocolate Cheeks: A Yikes Book of Comics by Steven Weissman (Fantagraphics) $16.99


Fortean Times #257 Feb 10 $11.99

Wire Jan 10 #311 $10.99

Bizarre #158 Jan 10 $10.50

Meatpaper #10 Win 09 10 $7.95

Wax Poetics #39 $9.99

Razorcake #54 $4.00

Lit Journals and Chap Books

Allison Writes Jeff Draws Uncorking Paw Paw by Allison Staulcup and Jeff Kinney $1.00

Explorers Are We by Xavier Mold $1.00


Boy Who Couldnt Sleep and Never Had To by DC Pierson (Vintage) $14.00 – Coming -of-age buddy story for the comics geek and self-publishers. Hilarious!

Muckraking, Memoirs and Misc

Chicago Haunts 3 Locked Up Stories From an October City by Ursula Bielski $15.95

Sexually I’m More of a Switzerland by David Rose, the editor of They Call Me Naughty Lola (Scribner) $16.00

Shocking True Story The Rise and Fall of Confidential Americas Most Scandalous: Scandal Magazine Tells Facts, Names by Henry E. Scott (Pantheon) $26.00

Ivan Brunetti Poster Featuring Schizo #4 Panel $25.00