New Stuff This Week

We sure do love sweets! CAKE is next weekend! Opening night event here at Quimby’s Fri 6/9 with Gabrielle Bell, Emil Ferris, Lucy Knisley and C. Spike Trotman, tabling exhibition Sat 6/10 and Sun 6/11 at the Center on Halsted. More info at cakechicago.comCAKE window, by Corinne Halbert.

new stuff this week!:


Dum Ditty Dum #1 Oct 28 1977 & #2 March 24 1987, $5.00 each – Rando dates picked — musical history of those dates elaborated.

Books Kill Buildings Internet Capital Selves by Other Forms $5.00

Would be Saboteurs Take Heed #3 by Audrey Chan $8.00

Dope by Adam Gondek $12.00

Other Side of White Walls: A Collaborative Zine by Paige Landesberg & friends $8.00

Pool Zine by Rohan McDonald $15.00 – Human essence scattered into fractals of matter. Moving apart, separating, convulsing, only to join back together again. Can you lift the block from the bottom of the pool? ~CH

Countersignals vol 1 Militant Print Counter signals by Jack H. Fischer $15.00


Trash Babies by Steffany Bankenbusch, Robin Franklin and Michelle Wanhala $6.00 – A spunky girl finds a mystical slice of pizza and befriends an even pluckier opossum. Join them on their trash alley adventures! ~CH

Excerps by Logan Kruidenier $8.00

Fae Archaic #6 Two Fold Preview by Kurt Burdick $4.00

Window UFO by Alex Ross Williams $8.00

2 Kriota Willberg comics:
At Least We Have Our Health: Gag Cartoons About Science History and Bioethics $4.00
Anatomical Triangles of the Neck: A Selection of Love Stories $3.00


Let Some Word That Is Heard Be Yours by Alex Nall $12.00 – CZF organizer’s graphic novel about Mister Rogers!

The Casebook of Rabbit Black vol 1 by Kate Sherron $14.99

LOST ANGELS: Volume One: Paradise High by Chris Anderson and Dan Panosian $19.99

Bitch Planet Volume 2: President Bitch by Kelly Sue DeConnick & friends

Canopy by Karine Bernadou (Retrofit) $15.00

Sound of Snow Falling by Maggie Umber (2dcloud) $22.95 – A paint and paper documentary, observing great horned owls in their natural habitat.

Lennon: The New York Years by David Foenkinos, Corbeyran and Horne


Planet of the Apes: The Original Topps Trading Card Series by by The Topps Company & Gary Gerani $24.95

Muhammad Ali: The Greatest Coloring Book of All Time, ed. by Darius James (Feral House) $15.95

Fantasy Babes: A Gamer Glam Coloring Book by Sephanie A. Quinn $7.99


Demagoguery and Democracy by Patricia Roberts-Miller $9.95


Alien World Order: The Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race by Len Kasten $18.00

Vulgar Tongues: An Alternative History of English Slang by Max Décharné $26.95


Razorcake #98 Mikey Erg $4.00

Maximumrocknroll #409 Jun 17 $4.99

GLQ vol 23 #3 Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 2017 $12.00

Record Collector #5 Serious About Music: 1967 the Year Rock Freaked Out $11.50

The Big Takeover #80 $5.99

Murder Most Foul #104 Worlds Number One True Crime Quarterly $10.99

Monocle #104 Jun 17 Boop Boop $12.00

Transformation #101 Aubrey Kate Triple Threat $12.50

TSQ Transgender Studies Quarterly vol 4 #2 May 2017 $12.00

Juxtapoz #198 Jul 17 $6.99

Cinema Retro vol 13 #38 2017 $11.99

Wired UK Jun 17 $7.99

New Noise Magazine #32 Flatliners $4.99

Maegu #1 $24.99

True Crime Detective Monthly May 17 $9.99


Blank Books made by Josh Doster, various prices!