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Our Bogeys, Our Shelves, The Magician’s Library as Mentor, Companion and Oracle by Clint Marsh and Jeff Hoke $6

zines by Evan Fusco: Intermission $14, Catachresis Reader $20, Poetics of the Underneath $16, Army of the Sick $16

MNRL CVLT Field Report #1 by NXOEED (Fluke Publishing) $4

2 Brett Bloom goodies:
Break Down Breakdown Workbook #1 2nd Edition Sonic Meditations Immersive Ecological Entanglement $4
Two Ponds: Stories From Petroleum Space Time Continuum $6

Fritkot #2 by Antek $2

zines about mental health by by J.F. Gamber:
ADHD Ain’t a Joke $3.50
OCD Ain’t a Word $2.50
Pencil Revolution #13 Big Penicillin the Wide Pencil Issue $5


Boutique Mag #4 by Marc Bell (Neoglyphic Media) $5

Pitiful Life of James Robinson #1 & #2 by Chris Mattei $8 both

Music Books

We’re Not Here to Entertain: Punk Rock, Ronald Reagan, and the Real Culture War of 1980s America by Kevin Mattson $27.95

Wendy Carlos: A Biography by Amanda Sewell $34.95

Year with Swollen Appendices, Brian Eno’s Diary by Brian Eno $26.95

Essay (Kind of)

Public Collectors Police Scanner by Marc Fischer (Half Letter Press) $20

Politics & Revolution Books

We Too: Essays on Sex Work and Survival by Natalie West and Tina Horn (Feminist Press) $24.95

Stuff From GenderFail Press:
Queer Accomplices: This Is Not Another Photo of the Gay Male Body by Be Oakley 2021 $12
Stonewall Was A Riot Oct 2020 $16
GenderFail Reader #3 $16

Mayhem & Outer Limits

Neutron Gun Reloaded: A Gerry Reith Reader $14

There Is Only One Road and It Goes Everywhere: Journeys to the Land of Hearts Desires by Kathleen Phelan (Feral House) $17.95

Poetry Books

Oyster Mountain Poems by Jalal El Kadali (Nine Banded Books) $10

Doppelgangbanger by Cortney Lamar Charleston (Haymarket) $16


The Believer #134 February / March $12

Cinema Retro vol 17 #49 $11.99

The Monthly Review vol 72 #8 January $6

Harpers Magazine February $7.99

Welcome to Chili’s vol 1 #1 Journal of Art, Design, Short Narratives and Questions $15