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Slingshot Planners for 2024!
Pocket sized Perfectbound $9
Pocket sized SpiralBound $12
Spiral Bound Large $16


Pulaski At Night #1 Up Late in Chicago by Cynthia E. Hanifin $6

Behind the Zines #16 A Zine About Zines $4

This Zine Won’t Fly: Some Bird Shit by Kristen Jacobson $10

New stuff & restocks from Christina Tran: Beyond Don’t Work for Free: Tips on How to Protect Yourself as an Artist and Honor Your Creative Gifts, Beyond Don’t Quit Your Day Job: The Benefits and Perils of Turning Art Into Your Job

Data for Arms Dealers $8

Thoughts on the Record Boygenius Sep 2023 by Isabelle $10

KerBloom #163 by Artnoose $2

DIYIZM #1 $10

Mis 25 Anos by Joanna Uruchima $10

New zines by Ed Blair, $2 each: Let’s Talk Game: A Mini Zine About Organizing Your Workplace With Lessons Learned From MTV’s The Challenge, Incredible Stories: The Zonai Mystery – The Most Sensational Story Ever Told, AVTB-1 A Cyberpunk Film Fanzine

Dopamine Decorating $10

The Art of Happy Mail $10

How Are You? Or I Had Cancer For a Little While and It Was Hard by Moe Bowstern $5

New zines by April Malig: Rotten Roses #3 $10, Eating Zine #3: Thailand, etc – Oct 22 by April Malig and Corinne Cox $12 & more.

Salmon Brain by Chris Pernula $2

Weird Grrrl Zine #8 $3

various issues of Lennon McCrea Zine…

…and more!


Chicago, Comics and Life 1999-2012 #1 by Anders Nilsen $7

Freaky #9 by Andrew Goldfarb & friends $5

School Night Comics #1 Ghost Stories for Bedtime by Sebastian Mata $3.50

City Slang: The Sonics Rendezvous Band Story Incoming by Chairman Ralph and Lisa D. Quinlan $10

Pretzel Girl by Sue Cargill $4

Preventative Measures Comic Anthology #1 by Kiki and Bouba $24.99

Graphic Novels

My Picture Diary by Fujiwara Maki (D&Q) $29.95

Roaming by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki (D&Q) $34.95

Totem by Laura Perez $24.99

Sad Girl Space Lizard by Iggy Craig (Silver Sprocket) $19.99

Matchmaker by Cam Marshall (Silver Sprocket) $22.99

Art & Design Books

SOLEIL: Fashion lookbook by Tanaka (PIE International) $29.99

Music & Film

High Bias: The Distorted History of the Cassette Tape by Marc Masters $20

2 Trans 2 Furious: An Extremely Serious Journal of Transgender Street Racing Studies edited by Tuck Woodstock and Niko Stratis $18

Silence Is No Reaction: Forty Years of Subhumans by Ian Glasper (PM Press) $25

Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics by Dolly Parton with Robert K. Oermann $35

Aesthetic Deviations: A Critical View of American Shot-on-Video Horror, 1984-1994 by Vincent A. Albarano (Headpress) $27.95

B-Side: A Flipsided History of Pop by Andy Cowan (Headpress) $25.95

Verse, Chorus, Monster by Graham Coxon $15.95

Bowie Odyssey 73 by Simon Goddard $24.99

Politics & Revolution

Black History London Map by Jody Burton and Avril Nanton (Blue Crow Media) $12

Mr. Block: The Subversive Comics and Writings of Ernest Riebe edited by The Graphic History Collective (PM Press) $22.95


Last Night at the Casino vol 2 by Billy McCall $14

Doppelganger: A Trip into the Mirror World by Naomi Klein $30

How to Protect Bookstores and Why: The Present and Future of Bookselling by Danny Caine (Microcosm) $15.95

Outer Limits & Witchy Shit

The Demon in the Ekur: Angels, Demons, Plasmas, Patristics, and Pyramids by Joseph P. Farrell $16.95

New Moon Magic: 13 Anti-Capitalist Tools for Resistance and Re-Enchantment Risa Dickens & Amy Torok $19.95

(The Extraordinary and Most Ancient Mystery of) The Diagram: Harmonic Geometry by Adam Tetlow $8.95

(The Ultimate Travellers Pocket Guide to) Altered States: Minds, Drugs and Culture by Ben Sessa $8.95

Culpeper’s Complete Astrology: The Lost Art of Astrological Medicine by Nicholas Culpeper (Microcosm) $15.95


Monster Lovin’: Queer Smutty, Spooky Stories (Queering Consent Series) by S. Park (Microcosm) $9.95

Butt Magazine Fall 2023 #33 $17

RFD #195 Fall 2023 $11.95

Museum Bums: A Cheeky Look at Butts In Art by Mark Small and Jack Shoulder $19.95


The Free People’s Village by Sim Kern $26.99

Witches by Brenda Lozano $16.95

Something Dead In Everything Stories by Lannie Stabile $20

The Damned Thing, Deluxe Edition: Weird and Ghostly Tales by Ambrose Bierce $19.95

Lit Journals, Chap Books & Poetry

Field Guide #1 $24.99

Rock Stars by Matt Mason $18

Inconvenience of Grief by Lannie Stabile $20

Active Shooter #39 by Connie Boje $8

For the Young at Heart

Suppose You Met a Witch by Ian Serraillier and Ed Emberley $19.99