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What the Hellraiser by Johnny Misfit $1

Candy Quest by Pez D. Spencer $3

Cross Country Zines by Andria Alefhi Lamberton $7 each: #1 Ireland 27 years later + #2 U.S. 10 E, Solo winter

Touring America: Eddie Goes West With Special Guest Billy McCall $3

Shapes Zine, issues #3-#5, $3 each

Memoirs of a Baby Bootblack #2 by Lore $1

Remedial Images: A Short Magazine of Comics and Writing, edited by Nathan McMurray and Henry Tartt $5

Wett Butt #6 $5

Blessed Are Ye Dead #2 Which Continues the Work of Cataloguing New England Gravestones by Cuyler Keating (Punched Tin Press) $15


2 comics by Mel Stringer $10 each: Broken Branches #1, Shit Dates #2 Based on True Stories Submitted by Readers

Trickfilm #4 by Charles Brubaker $5

Comics by Aaron Zvi Felder, $5 each: Lines on Lines, Curves on Curves, Melvin Gets Creative

Taunt by Ari Ganahl $10

Graphic Novels

Hypericum by Manuele Fior (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Lauren Ipsum Throws the Book at You by Charles Brubaker (Smallbug Press) $10.99

Music & Film Books

IDLES x Magda Archer: Brutalism – Illustrated Lyrics by Joe Talbot, illustrated by Magda Archer $24.95

Afrofuturism: A History of Black Futures, edited by Kevin M Strait and Kinshasha Holman Conwill $29.95

Outer Limits

Tales From Fiddlers Green vol 2 A Peculiar Parish Magazine: Midnight Flowers, edited by Susan Redington Bobby (Wonderella Printed) $20

Tripping on Utopia: Margaret Mead, the Cold War and the Troubled Birth of Psychedelic Science by Benjamin Breen $30


Sure, I’ll Join Your Cult: A Memoir of Mental Illness and the Quest to Belong Anywhere by Maria Bamford $28.99

Photo Books

City Threads by Wyzendale and Hope Wang $24.99


Poor Deer: A Novel by Claire Oshetsky $26.99

Self-Portraits: Stories by Osamu Dazai $15.95

Gifty Stuff

Stickers from Echo Elise Gonzalez (Echo the Human): Rat $6, Owls Sticker Sheet $7

Stickers from Tony Recktenwald: Go Cubes Go $2, Earnest $4

Cards by Jamie Kadas $6 each (Curvy Girl Comics): Let’s Have a Ghouls Night, Wanna Bite?

…and much more!