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Bodies on the Page by Katie Armentrout, Jude R. Bettridge, Jamie Kadas, Megan Kirby and Andrea Pearson $10

KerBloom #166 $2

Basic Paper Airplane #14 Book Tour by Joshua James Amberson $4

Zines by Jone Greaves $3-$5: Eclipse Diner Takeout Menu, Dream Catalog: Summer ’97 Collection, Poems for Trees I Hate #94 & more.

Pre Utopian Pride Flag Code: A Proposal on Appropriate and Respectful Conduct in Regards to the Contemporary Display Representation and Care of Queer Pride Flags by Will Montgomery $6

Extension Service #3 Pinks & #4 Webs $5 each

Nonmachinable: Guide to Zine Distros (2nd Edition) $5

Sevon $13

The Papercuts Library #10 A New Working Concept for Human Civilization by Joey Sellers $5.99

Photo zines by Craig Chazen: County Fair $10, Through My Eye $5

Loculus #3 Being Blocked by RSP (Two Clowns in a Hole Press) $8

Not Like You No Deposit No Return $16

Madoka Magica Rewritten by halloftheratking $8

And It Drags On $7

Dream Girl #1 $1

Zines from Queer Sailors Zines: For the Birds: An Urban Birdwatching Journal $10, Yes Chef, A Jeremy Allen White Fan Zine $12

Weird Things My Dog Does $8

7 Days a Week by Cassidy R. $5

Zines by Hali Kleinfeld: Lukewarm Adjective $5, Kewpie $20 & more.

Inktober 2023 Sketchbook by Don Unger $2

Catboy Catalogue Fall 198X Issue by Fox Graham $10

Fangirl Confessional: Smashing Through the Boundaries by Keidra Chaney $5

Modern Philately by Eve Gordon $2.50

Twist: A Figure Drawing Zine by Isabel Steffes $10

Rate of Decay #1 The Location of Subculture by Chris $1


Ash Can to the Ash Can #minus0 $1.75

Beach Day Blues by Teddie Bernard $5

Comics by Sofa Melon (various prices): Pine Soul, Field of Gar #1, Tangle, Remora 1999 & more.

Transmigratory Adventures of Philip K. in the Land of the In-Betweeners #1-#3 $4.44 each

Hero #1 This Kid Not 4 Kidz $8

Tale of Sir Gaunter #0 by JC Miller $6

I Hope This Finds You #12 Diary Comix by Kevin Budnik $6

Clusterfux Comix by Cameron Hatheway, $10 each: #5 & #666

Letters to My Dead Parents and Others by Amanda Weidman $5

Comics by Catherine Archer: Celestial Veil $8, Silver Crown Comix Presents the Bird $1 & more.

To Be Seen by Danielle Draik and Mandy Robertson $13

Infinite Waters $7

I Don’t Need You Anymore $3.50

Grixly #64 by Nate McDonough $3

Graphic Novels

Fatcop by Johnny Ryan (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Reading Love and Rockets by Marc Sobel (Fantagraphics) $49.99

Ballyhoo Book One by Teddie Bernard $24.99

2 Metabarons books by Alejandro Jodorowsky and friends: Second Cycle Finale $24.99 & Complete Second Cycle $49.99

Firebugs by Nino Bulling (Drawn & Quarterly) $26.95

Return to Eden by Paco Roca $29.99

Red Room Crypto Killaz by Ed Piskor (Fantagraphics) $22.99

Art Books

Towers of Steel Concrete and Glass: Drawings by Kareem Davis and Richard Willis (Almighty & Insane) $30

Politics & Revolution

Toward an Ecological Society by Murray Bookchin (AK Press) $22

Rosa Luxemburg: The Incendiary Spark by Michael Lowy (Haymarket Books) $19.95


Reports from the Deep End: Stories Inspired by JG Ballard, edited by Maxim Jakubowski and Rick McGrath $26.99

It Lasts Forever and Then It’s Over by Anne de Marcken $15.95

This Kid vol 1 by Jesse Riehle Kegan $24.99

Greasepaint: A Novel by Hannah Levene $17.95


Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire: Rituals, Recipes, and Spells for Healing Protection Beauty Love and More by Denise Alvarado $18.95


How to Think Like a Woman: Four Women Philosophers Who Taught Me How to Love the Life of the Mind by Regan Penaluna $18


The Creation Records Story (New Edition) by David Cavanagh $27.95


Drift #12 $19.99

Broken Pencil #101 $9.95

Recent issues of Girls On Film $10 each: #22 The Alien Issue, #23 The Romance Issue

Chap Books

Primordial Waters Poems $2

Notes on Inheritance: Poems & Prints by Taylor Sheridan Wallau $15