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Fixer Eraser #7 by Jonas $3

The Hungover Gourmet #12 by Dan Taylor $5

Malt Adult #28 by Sarah Schmidt $5

X Kool Kids #7 Culture $5

Cherry Bomb #2 by Emma and Mari $15

Zines by Hali Kleinfeld: issues of Outfit Archive, Truth Serum #2 & more.

Life Advice in a Tweet From @Katya $8


Huge shipment from kuš: mini kuš! New issues of š!

My Body Unspooling by Leo Fox $9.99

Woof by Maty G (Wiggle Bird Mailing Club) $6

Myrodemus #3 Awakening by Finn Walker $8

CCC1.1 Same but Different: A New Magazine of Comix Skool USA Notes $8

Bogue #2 Winter Issue by Ruby Carter $6

Graphic Novels

Black Phoenix Comics and Illustrations vol 3 by Rich Tommaso (Floating World Comics) $14.95

Atlas Comics Library vol 2 Venus Strange Stories of the Supernatural edited by Dr Michael J. Vassallo (Fantagraphics) $49.99

Food School by Jade Armstrong (Conundrum Press) $15

The 7th Voyage of Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and Other Follies by Gilbert Shelton & Dave Sheridan (Fantagraphics) $22.99

kuš graphic novels: Good Night and Sweet Dreams by Teddy Goldenberg (kuš) $14, Slikmiks by Mikkel Sommer and Mekl (kuš) $18 & more!

Music Books

Audio Erotica : Hi-Fi Brochures 1950s–1980s edited by Jonny Trunk & friends (FUEL) $34.95

Politics & Revolution Books

Unite and Win: The Workplace Organizer’s Handbook by Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee (EWOC) & Daphna Thier (Haymarket Books) $10

Constructing Worlds Otherwise: Societies in Movement and Anticolonial Paths in Latin America by Raul Zibechi (AK Press) $18

Essay Books

Manifesto : Three Classic Essays on How to Change the World by Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Marx/Friedrich Engels, Ernesto Che Guevara (Seven Stories Press) $15.95

All We Have Is the Story: Selected Interviews 1973-2022 by James Kelman (PM Press) $24.95

Hello We Were Talking about Hudson edited by Steve Lafreniere (Soberscove Press) $24

DIY Books

Healing Plants: From Elizabeth Blackwell’s Curious Herbal, edited by Marta McDowell $12.95

Fiction Books

Rachel Condition by Nicholas Rombes $17.95

Snow Woman and Other Yokai Stories from Japan by Noboru Wada, illustrated by Haruna Wada $15.99


Uppercase #61 $24

Chap Books

Ornamental Theology by P.T. Orbizol $5