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Used Records and Tapes #4 by Chris Auman, Mike Dixon & friends $7

Comp Book Companion (various issues) by Key Bridge It Daly $13

Experimental Exercise by Robert Zant $15

I Belong to Me (multiple issues) by Rachael Tyrell

I Know About the Beaver 2nd edition $6

Forever: A Photo Zine by Sunny $8

Hi-Fi Anxiety, various issues

In the Blink of an Eye #1 by Isaac Barnett (Gasoline Press) $15


Detours: Comics and Drawings by Eli Bishop $10

Comics by Kieran Teare-Thomas: Initiative, multiple issues of Campfire

I Love Women #3 $20

Rate of Decay #4 $1

Silent Command #5 by Mike Appelstein $5

Graphic Novels

So Long Sad Love by Mirion Malle (Drawn & Quarterly) $24.95

Gleem: A Selection of Spectacular Short Stories by Freddy Carrasco (Drawn & Quarterly) $22.95

Love and Rockets: The Sketchbooks by Gilbert Hernandez (Fantagraphics) $75

4/20 Dude

Cooking with Weed: Get Baked with 35 Recipes by Margie Stone $14.99

Art Books

Wonderflux: A Decade of e-flux Journal edited by Julieta Aranda & friends $24

Politics & Revolution Books

The Sexist Microphysics of Power: The Alcàsser Case and the Construction of Sexual Terror by Nerea Barjola (AK Press) $23

Abolition and Social Work: Possibilities, Paradoxes, and the Practice of Community Care edited by Mimi Kim, Cameron Rasmussen & Durrell M. Washington (Haymarket Books) $24.95

Advocate: A Graphic Memoir of Family, Community, and the Fight for Environmental Justice by Eddie Ahn $24.99

Essay Books

Juice: A History of Female Ejaculation by Stephanie Haerdle $19.95

Monsters: A Fan’s Dilemma by Claire Dederer $17

Chipped: Writing from a Skateboarders Lens by Jose Vadi $26


Ghost Years: Stories by Barry Gifford $16.95

Stories From the Center of the World: New Middle East Fiction editd by Jordan Elgrably (City Lights Books) $17.95

The Missing by Ben Tanzer (7.13) $19.99

Music Books

Throbbing Gristle: An Endless Discontent by Ian Trowell $39.95

Electric Wizards: A Tapestry of Heavy Music, 1968 to the Present by JR Moores $18

The Monkees: Made in Hollywood by Tom Kemper $16

I Hate Old Music, Too: How Familiarity & Overuse Killed Our Favorite Music by Dave Thompson $27.95

Toxic Shock Records: Assassin of Mediocrity – A Story of Love, Loss, and Loud Music by Bill Sassenberger $20

A Really Strange and Wonderful Time: The Chapel Hill Music Scene: 1989-1999 by Tom Maxwell $30

A Book of Days by Patti Smith $20

Local Interest

Beer Hiking Chicago and Beyond: The Tastiest Way to Discover the Windy City by Jessica Sedgwick and Dan Ochwat $24.95

Chap Books

The San Francisco Neo-Futurists Chapbook #8 2023 Selected Plays From the Infinite Wrench $10

Lit Journals

Sinister Wisdom #132 $14

The First Line vol 26 #1 $6

Moss Piglet April 2024 edited by John Bloner Jr. $12

Just Keeping It Together, Barely

A Field Guide to the Apocalypse: A Mostly Serious Guide to Surviving Our Wild Times by Athena Aktipis $17.99