Kickstart the new PRISM Index

If you haven’t gotten a chance to stop by the store and scope out the beautiful PRISM Index multi-media art anthology, by all means, come take a gander

Now, editor Jeffrey Bowers has put together an epic Kickstarter campaign to print up the second issue, featuring a wild hot shot mix:
*Art by Chris Johanson, Mel Kadel, Amy Lockhart, Lola Dupre, Michael DeForge, Matt Furie and others.
*Writing and poetry from Aimee Bender, Bill Cotter, Stephanie Barber, Andrew Leland, Brian Evenson, Patrick DeWitt, Trinie Dalton.
*Movies by Sam Green, Su Friedrich, Abigail Child, the Safdie brothers, Amy Lockhart, Seoungho Cho, and others.
*The CD houses Real Estate, Phosphorescent, Ted Lucas, Julian Lynch, Mountain Man, David Grubbs, Guitar Slim, Big Blood, Dragging An Ox Through Water, Radio People, MV & EE and many more.
I mean, seriously, this thing is going to be amazing and their fundraising rewards give you the opportunity to get your paws on some rad original art as well. With a little over two weeks to go and a little more than $2000 to raise, you know what to do….go make this great project happen!